Chapter 5

The Different Religions

Master Philippe de Lyon declared, 'there is no possible parallel between Jesus and the others (Orpheus, Krishna, Odin...), absolutely nothing in common. Christ came down to Earth so that our prayers, through Him, reach God, for Heaven had been closed for 6000 years; No one opened It but He did.' (23/04/1902)

He also said, 'only ask for God, Christ and the Virgin.' Observe that no other name, including his, is mentioned! Let's listen to what Heaven, through Master Philippe de Lyon, said to us,

- 'The Christ’s clothes share. There are three religions coming from the early teaching. They have been drifting away from the true religion forming the three angles of a triangle whose center is the true belief.' (30/04/1903)

- 'Respect all religions for all believers of all religions must eat the flesh and drink the blood of the Master, and no one may eat Jesus’ body if humility, love for his neighbour and forgiveness of insults are not within him.' (30/04/1903)

- 'No religion brings salvation if you don’t love your neighbour as yourself.' (30/04/1903)

- 'It was said, "out of the Church, no salvation". That is true. But the Church is universal; the Church is charity. Out of charity, no salvation.'

- 'All religions will merge into one; that of charity.' (13/01/1897)

* * *

Whatever your path is, do not forget the word from the Gospel of John, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life."
Do not forget either the power of the symbols. I have searched a lot, I have tried many paths... but I observe... I observe that many religions or many people endowed with many powers claim to free mankind from suffering and to make it happy.
I attest that there are many lies or truths partially stated voluntarily. You just have to surf on the Web to realize that there is an incalculable number of techniques which really give some said "magic" powers in magnetism (as Reiki does) or other accesses to extremely powerful energy fields almost always for money and all in contradictions with the statement,
"freely you have received; freely give." (Gospel of Matthew 10-8).
BUT... but I observe that there is only one man who, for our freedom, sacrificed Himself, suffered and died tortured for us; Christ!
There is only one woman in the world who agreed to give her own son for us; the Blessed Virgin Mary and a prophecy had said facing the endured suffering, "a sword shall pierce your own soul too." (Simeon's prophecy.)
I also observe that there are two strong symboles in the original Christianity :

1) The Cross : synonym for suffering, for death but also for resurrection.

2) The Virgin and the Child : synonym, above all, for the family! There is no symbol of family in the other religions.

It is up to each person to draw their own conclusions.