Chapter 14

Purgatory: Myth or reality?

Another day, at dawn, I was delighted in spirit in a place that I did not know. Everything was darkness. At my left hand side, there was the Blessed Virgin Mary dressed in Light and my guardian angel at my right hand side who was gracefully swirling into the air. Suddenly, I saw a lot of gold-Light crosses, hundreds of them aligned as in a cemetery. I did not understand. And abruptly I had a horrendous sight.
I could hear screams of pain and cries of despair. I could not clearly see anybody, but I had the feeling that close to each cross in Light a being was there in an untold despair. I was panicking, getting out of control; I yelled to the Blessed Virgin Mary something like, 'We must get them out of here.' She answered me that nothing could be done. I got out of the vision, trembling. Later, a voice came to explain to me that it was purgatory, that nothing could be done for them for it was their choices. They had refused the Light on earth. But a cross in Light was always there, beside them, present in case they would decide to accept the Light. The free will of anyone should be respected.
It is difficult to understand... These beings on earth had refused the Light. We have our free will. The Light never imposes itself on us. If we do not accept the Light; the Light withdraws. But when the Light is gone, darkness comes. Nobody wants to understand that here below. The will of the Father is loving one another, experiencing the unconditional love. You can understand. You are a father or a mother with many children. Which family would you like; a family in which your children kill, rape, trespass, tear apart, torture OR a family in which children love and respect one another and build together?

Each to experience their own choices!

Another anecdote that I experienced is the following one. A person whom I love cannot believe in what I have been experiencing. During a trip in a foreign country, we arrived at a new hotel late in the afternoon. As usual, I took out a photo of the Master, the face of Christ (Holy Shroud) and a little statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. And as usual, she grumbled. I expected it. I looked at the Master and I felt a deep sadness coming over me. That person does not understand what I have been experiencing. The heat in that town where we were was stifling. She quickly decided to have a bath. While in the bath, a general power cut in the flat occurred. Hardly anything could be seen and the bathroom was pitch black. Light was everywhere except in our room! I eagerly looked at the Master, 'You did it, didn't You?' He answered me, 'Indeed.' My sadness turned into jubilation.
This person was shouting, asking me to bring the candles. I answered to her that I did not know where they were; which was totally wrong. I had had enough of fighting on and on, enough of being misunderstood. I understood what Heaven wanted her to experience; by dint of stubbornly refusing the Light, someday you shall end into pitch black, into darkness. Now, it is pitch black in the bath and it is no big deal... but tomorrow...
We remained a long while without electricity, during the whole time she got dressed. Suddenly I thought about the lighting again. I then got up out of the bed to inform the reception and everything was as before!

Let us end the chapter with a quotation from the Gospel of Philip (114) which should not be forgotten:
"And so one dwells either in this world or in the resurrection or in the middle place. God forbid that I be found in there! In this world, there is good and evil. Its good things are not good, and its evil things not evil. But there is evil after this world which is truly evil - what is called "the middle". It is death. While we are in this world, it is fitting for us to acquire the resurrection, so that when we strip off the flesh, we may be found in rest and not walk in the middle. For many go astray on the way. For it is good to come forth from the world before one has sinned." (Translated by Wesley W. Isenberg.)

That is why Master Philippe de Lyon insists:

'You shall not get through if you don’t love above all.'