Chapter 4

Master's words about himself

'I will not leave you as orphans.' (John's Gospel 14-18.)

Here are some words that the Master gave about himself to the close friends who followed him :

- 'I am bound to say what I am not.'

- 'I forbid you to say what I am.'

- 'I did not follow the same road as women and men, that is why I deserve no credit. Little am I, I am the least, I am the eldest.'

- 'I am the oldest and the youngest.'

- 'I am the great sower but no seed has yet sprouted.'

- 'I have been all over the world to push those that didn't march.'

- 'The beings who will have known me and who will have done nothing with it shall commit suicide at a certain point.'

- 'I shall always be with you and not in front of you.'

- 'I am beside you. Make yourself at my home like at yours but when I am at your home, I am at my home.'

- 'God does know that you shall not go to Heaven without seeing me again.'

- 'If you get lost, I shall pick you up wherever you will be, even into the jaws of great Hell.'

- 'You shall not get through if you do not love above all.'

- 'I shall always be with you on the only condition that you speak of any absent people as if they were in front of you.'

- 'Do not worry, I shall always be on the other side of the curtain.'

- 'You will be united with me, if you help one another, by even anticipating the requests of those that dare not make them to you.'

- 'I received the power to command. Should a storm at sea threaten, I may calm down the sea by telling her, in the name of Heaven, to calm down.' (13/02/1897)

- 'I declare to you that I have a rank that allows me to forgive sins.'

- 'My guardian angel is God. That’s why your guardian angels can’t see mine. I am the only one to have no guardian angel.'

- 'Many among you think that I am Jesus or akin to Himself. Don’t believe it; I am the Shepherd’s dog and the least amidst you.' (21/07/1894)

- 'I am older than you all; you have to believe what I say to you (15/01/1901). Why do you doubt? I have the power to raise the curtain which separates this world from the other one and to show you proof of it.'

- 'I say to you that I am not from Earth. I rarely came here; but I remember all my past lives.'

* * *

Is there not one of these sentences that you have just read which reminds you of a well-known parable from the Gospel?

Above all, DON'T PRAY to the Master, it is not his will as he said one day,
'No, don't speak to me in your requests, directly ask for Heaven, I shall hear better.' (L'Arbresle, August 1899)

He said it again and again, only : 'God, Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary.'.

Sédir said in "Answers from Master Philippe", 'In 1902, I had first seen Saint Peter and Saint Paul the Apostles appearing on his command for a minute in the yard of the house in rue Tête d'Or.'

...So what will you do? Never forget the Master's word, 'I forbid you to say what I am.'