Chapter 10


"A new command I give you: Love one another.
As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another." (John 13-34)

Forgiveness is the main meaning of the Pater Noster, the prayer taught by Christ. If we do not forgive, then how could God forgive all the trespasses that we have committed since the original sin and during the thousands lives we have had since then?

It took me more than thirty years to understand forgiveness. As a child, I entered churches many times and I even asked Christ several times, 'Why should we forgive? If you systematically forgive, the other will do the same thing again. Why? why? why?'
There was silence in the church each time. Then one day, when I was about 33 years old, several months before the encounter at Châtel-Montagne, I made up my mind to forgive from the very bottom of my heart, but without understanding. With my whole heart, from the bottom of my heart, I said something like this:

'I forgive all the beings who sinned against me, in this life here below, in all the other past lives whatever the wound I might have suffered. I forgive me. I apologize to all beings against whom I have sinned in this life and in all my past lives. I apologize to God for all the sins that I have committed against Him.'

It freed me a lot. I felt a wind leaving from the coccyx going up along the spine. Some people told me that it was a beginning of Kundalini... now I know it's wrong. It was a really wonderful thing which came to an end at Jerusalem during my pilgrimage in December 2013. The Kundalini is associated with the Snake. The aim of Christianity is not the Awakening thanks to the Snake... but rather the eradication of the Snake and the Awakening in the Holy Spirit.

Times went by. One day, I was violently mugged by a man for no reason. He wanted to hit me; I stayed calm. He offended me. Several times, I heard voices saying, 'Shoot, insult him, who does he think he is?' These voices proposed me plenty dirty words to answer back. I hushed them up the best I could. Back home, I thought over the gospel. Here again, Christ set an example. He was, He too, scoffed and offended. On Golgotha, He had forgiven on the Cross, "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing." (Luke 23-34).
It was my turn to follow Him. I sat down facing an icon of Christ and said to Him, 'I forgive that man who offended me.' Silence...
Then I said a chaplet for that man for the Master said it, he too, that we have to forgive and to pray for the being who has offended us.

And one day, at last, I understood. Forgiveness is an act of love, an act of unconditional love. Indeed, but how hard it is to forgive!
"Love one another" said Christ. How can we love one another if we cannot make a clean sweep of the past. That is why we have to forgive from the very bottom of the heart. With forgiveness, you break any links which chain you to the other when the other is trespassing on you. The other has no hold over you anymore, he remains alone, chained to his blasphemies. That is why we have to pray for those that have trespassed to us so as to free them from these chains as well.

You can understand forgiveness only by experiencing it.

Once again, here is another enigmatic anecdote that I experienced. One day I walked to the church of my area. I was meditating before the Cross as usual. I mentioned to Him problems against non incarnated beings, most of them adherent of a certain philosophy that I cannot mention and that He Himself introduced to me.
Christ then said to me: 'I want you to go to war.' I trembled. These beings, I fought against them, and somehow in spite of myself if I may say, in a certain country that I cannot mention; they are very powerful. There, you have no guns; what for? How can you wound beings that have no physical form anymore? But they, they can hit you for they have access to matter... and they hit me.
For my part, I had two formidable weapons: Forgiveness and prayer! I often said to them, 'I myself am nothing, but the One who is with me can do anything. I forgive your trespasses' and I said many Ave Maria, Pater Noster, Creed or many Glory be to the Father... It was worse than everything for them, they endured untold sufferings. Once the fight was over, I was sad! Why had these beings, who are our brothers, chosen darkness and not the Light?
I also wondered how these beings, certainly powerful, were suffering so much and by which mechanism? I was then suggested that while praying, these prayers were entering them. The unconditional love was entering them and opening their heart and their spirit to the Light. This inspired them like a temptation, like an impetus... the impetus to go toward the Light. Impetus terribly repressed by the One who splits; thereby the sufferings. The Master had warned, 'The Devil is very powerful and he grants those that are on his path when God would not grant them; but he always exacts a high price for his gifts.' (Notebooks of Victoire Joan Philippe, page 33.)

I came back home, puzzled; "to war?" but what does it mean to go to war?
The day after, I went back to the church. I prepared a prayer to go to war. I asked Heaven the systematic eradication of this form of thought and the destruction of all the monuments associated with it. I was aware of such a request.
I came up to the Cross in that church; I was not very self-assured; I was afraid of missing the point. I said my request... but I felt that this prayer did not please Christ. Silence...
I went back, embarrassed, toward the Blessed Virgin Mary at the back of the church to say my chaplet as usual. As I was walking toward Her, I shrugged my shoulders and told Her, 'I can't understand.' Silence...
I sat down before Her and said my chaplet. Suddenly everything became clear, the more I said, the more I remembered the images from the Gospel. I was shown cheeks and I heard, 'If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also.' (Matthew 5:38-42)
I smiled back; I was beginning to understand. Once my chaplet over, I walked back close to the Cross, 'I have understood, You want me to forgive these beings. But Lord, they forced me to kneel down before other gods than You, they forced me to greet them, they hit me in my flesh, they trespassed on me. And You, You want me to forgive them.' Silence...
I said sincerely, 'And yet, there is no hatred in my heart, just sadness that we all are not gathered.' I became aware of the effectiveness of the chaplet; associated with acts, the hatred and the spirit of revenge had vanished from my heart.
Then I said with my whole heart, 'Yes, I forgive all those beings who trespassed on me.' Silence...
Then a voice, that I recognized, coming from an extremely powerful being crossed the church as fast as a gust of wind saying, 'I curse you.' I trembled. I then heard several voices which told me, 'Curse him too' then several insults. I regained self-control and claimed, 'No... I forgive him.'
And a deep voice, full of authority, coming from the Cross, announced to me,


I trembled again. I was thankful and went back home.