Chapter 15

Our world : Unique or not?

The Master says, "There are thousand of worlds like Earth and what occurred two thousand years ago, at the same time, Christ accomplished it everywhere." (03/03/1902)

- "When our Lord Jesus-Christ moves to another dwelling He also changes his features and takes a body and a face matching people’s He visits in that dwelling." (02/05/1895)

I will let you in on a great secret to understand hidden subtleties. In mathematics, we define objects equipped with laws. Once defined, the question is the following: Can we describe the associated free object? The free object is universal. Any object following the same laws as it, is but an image of the object.
Suppose one day you model a situation A by an object A' which follows some laws. Then another person models a situation B by an object B' following the same laws as A'. Again another person models a situation C by an object C' following these same laws. These objects are all different at first sight... but it happens that they follow the same laws! Then, as an algebraist, you are eager to answer the question: What is the free object governing all these objects A', B', C'...? For you know that once the free object is known, you will be able to describe any object which follows the same laws as it since it will be but an image of it (... a quotient for those who know.)
How to proceed? There is the theory. The theory claims that one can describe such an object in a very abstract way. So abstract that this object is hardly handy, hardly visible for the mind. Then you are searching for it! Can we construct an isomorphism between this abstract object and an objet much concrete, easier to understand?
Iso... morphism: this means the same structures, the same laws, a copy absolutely identical to this universal and abstract object. This is not an image anymore, a pale copy from the original, but indeed the original itself in a concrete shape. It is often a difficult work to do.

Have you grasped the parable? There are so many beings in the universe. All these beings are subject to the same laws and all are in the image of this universal Being named God. But this Being is so abstract for the moment, hardly understandable for our mind, that on each inhabited world an isomorphism of this Being, much more concrete, much more understandable, who can be reached by our senses is to exist. For that purpose, this universal Being has to take shape in a body which looks perfectly like ours so that we may identify with him. In our human world, this being is called Christ. As the Master already taught us: Christ is God... up to an isomorphism if Heaven doesn't mind my saying it! That is why, as described in an apocryphal text, Christ revealed to John in an apparition, "John..., John..., why are you doubting? ...I am the Son, I am the Father, I am the Mother" ... up to an isomorphism, if here again Heaven doesn't mind my saying it! That is why we say the Holy Trinity: The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit: God, One, into three!
One day, I said to Christ through my icon, in the face, in the eye, "Father, how do you concretely proceed to perform all these miracles?" He then answered me, "God can do anything." I smiled back.
Behold, God can do anything, so many things that He is able to make as many isomorphisms as He wants to!

The Master clarifies again:

- "We are in a very backward world; there are worlds where the last inhabitant is more advanced than the first one of our planet." (04/01/1895)

- "There are worlds where no one speaks."

- "In higher worlds, laugh and tears don’t exist; there is but smile."

- "Everywhere, there are good beings mixed with bad ones, everywhere a unique Being as the creator of all things is acknowledged."