Chapter 1


What you are going to read is far beyond your understanding. I am aware of that. This is the greatest present that I can offer to you, the greatest present that I can offer to humanity.

Everything began when I was about 33 years old at Châtel-Montagne in a 12th century church.

My name is Philippe Leroux. I can hear voices. So can you, but you are probably not aware of that yet. This gives you some kinds of tiny prophecies about your life. Since I was a kid, I had been searching for a meaning to my life but without success until then. I had attended a religious class; I had not understood much. I did not like to go to mass[1]; it bored me. I had forgotten the Hail Mary and vaguely knew the Lord's Prayer.
But I remember that I used to love to go in churches; there was some kind of a presence; I felt good in there. Often, I would kiss the Blessed Virgin Mary when I had good news. I had a boundless admiration for Her but, once again, without knowing why. I was a believer but like Saint Thomas, I needed a proof...

After my studies in theoretical physics at Orsay (France), I held a PhD in mathematics at Rennes. I endeavored to understand the work of God but without any great success. Having passed the French diploma "agrégation de mathématiques", a voice told me to teach. 'That is what you want, you want me to teach teenagers, I replied. I was disconcerted. I couldn't get the point of studying for such a long time to finally teach very simple things. It was only much later on that I understood why.

Around 2007, I started to study traditional Chinese medicine. I improved my ability to feel. I learned to think with another logic that the one I was taught. During that year, my grand-father suddenly passed away at the hospital. I knew that he was going to die; a voice had informed me. I got on a plane and asked God to delay his death so that he could die in my arms. My wish was fulfilled.
During his funeral, I started to talk to my grand-father, 'you did not realize how you died, come and see me tonight. I will explain you how it occurred.' I had even studied his medical record before making that proposal. During that famous night, I was brutally woken up, held down on the bed by a huge pressure. I went out of my body through my Kidneys; Ming Men, the gate of Life, under the second lumbar vertebrae for those who know. I was a conscious point in the ambiant space, who could see my physical body seemingly asleep but from the outside. I could see; I could hear. I answered medical questions that I could not hear but that I could guess according to my answers. I was thrown back into my body at the end of the discussion. I was very afraid. I did not sleep during the following two nights. After this experience, I resumed my spiritual quest that I had suspended. I studied Buddhism, Taoism and also Christianity to look for explanations; what am I doing on Earth and why?

I started qi gong lessons with a taoist monk. It goes back to 2010. One day, he told us, 'you, Westerners, you are too captivated by your mental; you forget to live.' These words hit my guts like a bolt of lightning. It's true, we are working, studying books a lot, but do we experience what we are studying? After this conversation, I made the decision to experience what I was reading and especially the Gospel that I had started to read again. I read what Christ did and compared with what I was doing in my life. The gap was so huge! I made the decision to do the best I could to follow Him, especially regarding forgiveness and charity.
As I took the Chinese medicine class in Lyon, I also attended lectures given by Philip Sionneau in Paris. We got on well. There, I met Eric; man like me who was looking for a meaning to his life. That was in the early days of July 2010, I was 33 years old and a half. I went to Eric's home. 'Hey, since you are good at feeling energy', he said, 'let's go to Châtel-Montagne. There is a 12th century church with a path for initiates, you will appreciate; it's very powerful!'
Understood! I entered the church, walked along the path for initiates in a particular direction; I took my time. What Eric told me was true ; the place was really powerful. I described him what I was feeling and at some point I told him, 'don't laugh at me, right here at this place, I have just felt two very imposing doors, as if made of stone, opening up into my heart.' He looked at me, amazed, then he told me, 'look at what is behind you.' I turned around. I saw a statue of Christ with His Heart opened (The Blessed Heart of Jesus). I trembled. I did not understand. I was thankful and we went out.

On the way back, in the car, Eric told me, 'do you know Master Philippe de Lyon?' I answered him I didn't. He clarified, 'He was a healer in the previous century,'. I said, 'Was he? My brother told me about healers in the countrysides...' He interrupted me, 'you don't get it! He performed the same miracles as Christ did.' I was both amazed and puzzled, 'I will have a look on the web.' Once back home, I looked for him on the internet and actually noticed what Eric had told me. I started crying, 'impossible,' I said to myself, 'this is impossible... So, all these things, the Gospel, Christ, are true!' Regarding Christ and the Gospel, I understood the arguments that indeed, it was 2000 years ago, indeed people might have exaggerated what had happened; indeed, the Gospel might have been modified or falsified as many people think; indeed, you might think so... but in this case, it happened in the last century! Afterwards, I even met members of the family of John Chapas, the beloved disciple of the Master.
The Master claimed that 'the Gospel had not been falsified' (Life and Words page 107), 'God would not have permitted it,' he said. The Master was buried in the Loyasse cemetery in Lyon. The following days, a fight started inside me, 'I must go.' This man had come on Earth to give pieces of evidence, to remind people that the Gospel and Christ are true!
I had to go; I had to go to thank him. But you have no idea of the voices arising in my head, 'what are you going to do there? He is pure and you are not.' I knew it; but I had made up my mind and off I went!
I was trembling, I dared not step forward. My heart was beating quickly. That very day, I did not even take the time to check where the tomb was in this large cemetery. 'Never mind; if I am to find it, I will be guided.' I moved forward in the central aisle turning my head from left to right... very anxious. A voice said to me, 'straight ahead,' a few more steps and there I was. I was very anxious. I stared at his name on the grave. I did not remember what I did. Suddenly, my body started vibrating. From the toes to the head, gradually, then stronger and stronger. My entrails started vibrating very strongly and so did my tongue. It was very impressive. I was happy! I thought that the Master, from above, had to know that I could feel energy and he was giving me a sign... But suddenly, I caught myself confessing before Him. He reminded me a youthful indiscretion. I admitted. These intense vibrations lasted one hour! I was thankful, I was filled with enthusiasm!!! 'It's unbelievable what this man has done for me,' I thought. I was light years away from being aware of what I had really experienced that day.\\ Days went by. Eric had told me about a medium in Lyon in contact with the Master. The Master had appeared in front of her in her room. She had told him, 'who are you?' He did not answer. She knew only afterwards. Another fight started inside me. I had to see that woman. She would put me in touch with the Master; I could give thanks face to face. I imagined that the Master took her shape and talked as if he were embodied. I had to go!
I cannot tell everything that happened. It was beyond words. I cried a lot; I was thankful. I did not understand. I remember it was on Wednesday in February 2011 around 11 o'clock am. I had a bad flu that had dragged on for one week; no way to get rid of it with my acupuncture needles. But around 1 o'clock pm, I went into my sitting room to needle some points. Suddenly, a flood of energy arose from above. My body was vibrating. Never did I feel the lung and the large intestine meridians like this. What a wonder! The Master was healing me! Suddenly my hands started to vibrate very strongly and for a long time. Up to then, I understood what He did but now, why activating the palms of my hands to cure a flu? The treatment sharply stopped. Everything returned to normal; I was cured. The day after, I performed an acupuncture treatment on my wife. I started to localise a point and immediately I was astounded... I understood everything! I was screaming and yelling, 'the Master..., the Master, He changed my hands!' When setting my finger on a point, I started to feel new sensations, in particular people's meridians. I could guide them in their sensations. How wonderful! I had developed extrasensory perception.

Days went by. Between April and May 2011, I had to go to Paris for a Chinese medicine training course. I used to sleep at Marianiste Brothers' house in Anthony (Paris). I discovered that big residence thanks to Frederic. Their chapel is extraordinary. When I went in for the first time, it felt like home. That day, as usual, I went in to meditate. I walked toward the foot of the Cross which is quite tall. There is a representation of Christ on it. I stared at Him. Suddenly, powerful rays came out of His heart to hit the so-called third eye. I did not dare to move anymore. This lasted for a while, maybe fifteen minutes and everything sharply stopped. I did not understand... I stepped back; my head turned to the left, stared at an invisible point in space and said, 'but Lord, why me? I am nothing.' A deep voice full of authority resounded, 'you said it yourself.' Silence...
I realized, 'Yes, it is true that I am nothing.' We had a discussion that I forgot. I gave thanks. I was far from imagining why Christ had done that.

Months went by. I had resumed reading the Gospel and the apocryphal texts; notably the Gospels of Philip and Thomas. At that time, I was interested in crystals as well. Some could, supposedly, facilitate the opening to the Christlike dimension. During a treatment that I gave to myself with one of them, I was led very far away. I heard a woman's voice; she said she was called Mary (Myriam in French). She told me that at her time, I was one of her disciples.
Days went by. I bought the Gospel of Mary Magdalene. At home my body started vibrating gently. 'What a wonder!', I thought. I could then distinguish this book from any other one without seeing it because my body vibrated as soon as I took it. There was the Gospel of Philip which set my body vibrating but much later. One day, I laid down on my bed in the afternoon with the Gospel of Mary Magdalene without making any parallel. Suddenly, I was enraptured in the Spirit. There was a very beautiful woman in front of me, around thirty years old, with very beautiful red and thick hair floating in the wind, a starry sky behind her. She was shining. She radiated happiness, peace and light. She had a dark blue fitted garment, fastening up to her throat. She smiled at me with her wide eyes full of Love. After a while, I came back to the reality of this world. I was happy; I had seen Mary Magdalene (Myriam de Magdala in French). It was her, the woman's voice that I had heard during the trip with the crystal. Some nights, I would fall asleep after placing her Gospel under my pillow. I had the feeling of being close to her.
Days went by. One afternoon, I felt like having a rest. I took the Gospel of Mary Magdalene to try to fathom its mysteries and my body started to vibrate gently. I read it then fell asleep. On waking, I was suddenly enraptured in the Spirit. I had the same vision; she was in front of me again, always smiling and so bright. Later, on 22nd of July 2012, to give thanks, I drove to the Sainte Baume mountain (France), the place where she had ended her life. It was the first time that in my heart I felt Love coming from a woman from above, coming from the Sacred Feminine!

Months went by until the 24th of December 2012. It was on a Monday morning. That day, I went out to get my bread at the bakery beside the church. I had not washed nor shaved myself, and was wearing a tracksuit. As I arrived, a deep voice full of authority told me, 'Go to church.' I was trembling. I bought my bread and then went to the church thinking that I would be alone as usual. To my great surprise, I saw two priests. I knew one of them and the third one was being taught by the others. I entered just before the Eucharist. I was embarrassed. I moved aside to the right side of the church behind a pillar not to trouble the ceremony. Then came the Holy Communion, I took a step forward, I felt as if I was being gently pushed towards the Body of Christ. The priest, disconcerted, not pleased at all of this unexpected situation, sharply said to me, 'do you receive communion?' I firmly answered, 'I do!!!' After the Holy Communion, I went back to my place, baffled. I was feeling the communion wafer, the Body of Christ, dissolving within me. My body was vibrating. It was the first time that I felt something when I received communion! The celebration went on, then came the Cup and the Blood of Christ. They received communion together without offering it to me. At the end of the celebration, the priest came toward me while the two others stood back. He was staring at me, then spoke some words to me; I answered with a courteous voice. We were intensely staring at each other. I wanted to tell him, 'never will you guess who has sent me here...' He would not have believed me. I walked back home. On the way back, I said to Christ, 'you know, it does not matter if they did not invite me, I forgive them. After all, I never go to mass, I am not a Catholic, so why would they have invited me?' Silence...
That night of the 24th to the 25th of December, 2012, around 10pm, I was in my bed but not sleeping. Suddenly, I was enraptured in the Spirit. I had a vision. I could see the Body of Christ in front of me distinctly, particularly the chest... bare. Then a horizontal slit slowly opened at the level of His heart along several centimeters, from the right to the left. His blood was flowing on...
This lasted a while, then I suddenly came back into real life. I was not able to describe what I was feeling. A long time went by before I could understand what it meant. He had given me His Blood!

A few days went by. During my prayers, Light crosses were affixed on different chakras; some protections surely.
Then one evening, I was enraptured in the Spirit again. I could see Christ in glory, so huge and dressed in Light. There were a lot of people (we were very small compared to Him). Triumphant, He was walking on a long carpet in our midst and we looked at Him admiringly. But while Christ was in front of me, my attention was drawn by His hat! I cried out, 'but He has the same hat as the pope!!!' I should have said that the pope had the same hat as Him! A kind of huge mitre of Light. Suddenly I came back into real life without understanding the meaning of that vision.

A few days later, resting on my bed around the middle of the afternoon, I was enraptured in the Spirit once again. I was face to face with Him. We were looking into each other's eyes but I knew it was Him only later. A few tens of centimeters were between us. I told Him, 'who are you?' Silence...
In the back, I could hear a voice blaspheming. Then after quite some time, on my left hand side, a second vision came out; I clearly saw a man hung on a cross who was struggling, turning his head from right to left and from left to right vigorously, he was denying Satan. I was staring at this man more and more, then more and more, then more and more intensely and all of a sudden, it was a brutal revelation, 'but it's me! Yes, it's really me!!!' The doubt was not allowed any longer; I was baffled; I thought, 'but what am I doing on a cross?'
I saw this man, I saw myself, struggling as I could, crucified on a cross[2]. The vision then vanished. The face in front of me moved forward, plunged into my face, kissed me, moved back from me and told me, 'thank you.'
His face disappeared. At that moment, in a split second, I clearly perceived a green snake turning around my head. I then knew who was blaspheming during the vision.
I knew that it was Christ that I had had in front of me that day only much later. I remained deeply impressed, The Lord who is EVERYTHING, gave me thanks... I who am nothing!
I also had an answer to the question I had asked Christ in the Marianiste Brothers' chapel at Anthony, '...but my Lord, why me?'

Afterwards I had other visions. For example, I was picked up by a white unicorn toward the door of the Kingdom Christ told us about. Everything was darkness outside that Kingdom. There was a huge cross of Light which served as a window and guided the unicorn and myself on the way. So dense was the Light coming from the cross that we could clearly see ramparts which seemed ready to implode.
As you probably know, there is a unicorn on the facade of Saint John cathedral's wall in Lyon. There were initiates at that time...

Months went by. I began to learn the Ave Maria and the Pater Noster prayers but I did not go to mass despite many attempts. Above all, I said the Blessed Virgin Mary's chaplet daily. I had seen Mary Magdalene, I had seen Christ. I had also seen the Master who had saved me from a deadlock.
In parallel with the chaplet, I recited the Jesus prayer or prayer of the heart; an orthodox prayer that I had read in, "The way of a Pilgrim" which is "Lord Jesus, Son of God, have mercy on me, sinner". My friend Sylvain had first told me about that book. One day, I kept on saying it during two hours and at that instant, the Holy Spirit in the shape of a dove, as John the Baptist described it, appeared before my forehead...

But I had not yet seen the One that I would kiss on a small statue of Lourdes when I had very good news; the Blessed Virgin Mary. And one day, my wish was granted. I saw Her from behind. She was praying in front of a black screen. There was a screen because I was not allowed to see what was behind. A voice told me She was praying the Holy Trinity. I was thankful.
Afterwards, I had other visions of Her. I have never seen Her face, but I saw Her beside me, sometimes in a Light coat. Once, I heard Her voice's timbre when She said the chaplet with me. At that moment, I understood She was really full of grace. That voice, so sweet, is beyond words. It is really the Mommy who was present beside one of her children. I received many graces from the Blessed Virgin Mary.

In June 2013, I joined a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. I had received the Blood of Christ, I had to do a remarkable gesture within my capacity. So I decided to walk in His footsteps in Israel and to go to the Holy Sepulchre to thank Him for what He did for me.
During that trip, the Lord gave me so much!!! I had the Grace to feel what He had really felt that day at Gethsemane before being arrested. He really cried that day; His Soul was really full of sadness.
You should know that there is a treasure in your heart. There is a being who lives within you, that you are carrying as a woman carries a child. This being is the real "I" who has to awake. In your heart, Christ may come and talk to you as well. You then hear a voice springing out of the heart. At that moment, God is speaking to you! It is very impressive.
The first time it happened to me was in the workplace during the A-levels exam. I was supervising the corridor. A student was late; panicked, she had a tetany attack. As I was in the area and practiced Chinese medicine, I took care of her. She had around her neck a medal of the Blessed Virgin Mary and it moved me. I prayed Heaven for help, 'my Lord, look at the medal! Help us so that she gets better, if it be Thy will.'
After a short while, she was amazingly calm; we were talking to each other, I told her to go back to the exam, 'no, I am fine with you here,' she confided in me. It was only forty minutes later that she went back to the exam, relaxed. I walked back to my desk. I prayed so that she could do the test in good conditions. The voice came out of my heart at that moment; a remark and then silence...
I tried to look at my heart, to speak to it but no word came out anymore. Much later, Master Philippe de Lyon taught me where that voice came from.
Hours went by, then the young girl stopped the exam half an hour before the end. She did not understand what happened, because according to her, she had always difficulties to finish. I pretended to be amazed and said nothing...
At Gethsemane, it was this being in my heart who had felt what happened two thousand years ago.

I tried many paths before coming to Christianity. But in parallel with this way that attracted me, another one was puzzling me; Buddhism. I had notably experienced the Vipassana technique. I had even obtained two short communications with Buddha thanks to a statue of him. But I did not understand.
That being also wanted to free humanity by his philosophy and his Vipassana technique but that seemed contrary to the Gospel because he denied the existence of the soul and the personal "I".
One day, I asked Heaven, 'who is Buddha?' I heard a voice answering me, 'Buddha is an archangel who was incarnated to guide a part of humanity.' 'WOW, respect...', I said. '... yes, but to guide towards where?', I said. Silence...

I was also interested in the opening of the Kundalini. In the esoteric world, there is no escaping it, for people keep on talking about it. A kind of energy wrapped in the coccyx area was supposed to wake up after many techniques of purification, to take the shape of a snake, to go up along the spinal column to reach the coronal and it was the Awakening. Yet again, I did not understand.

In parallel, I was strongly puzzled by the Holy Spirit baptism and this sentence from the Gospel of John, "Upon whom thou shalt see the Spirit descending, and remaining on him, the same is he which baptizes with the Holy Spirit", God had said to John the Baptist (John 1-33). And yet again, I did not understand.

During that pilgrimage to the Holy Land, I had graces beyond words everyday. At Jerusalem we slept at the nun's convent. On Thursday, December 26th, 2013, Heaven woke me up around 5:30 am. I said the chaplet of the Blessed Virgin Mary and that of the Divine Mercy. The sun was rising over Jerusalem. At the end of the recitation a voice suggested to me to lie down and told me, "Ask."
Spontaneously, I said, 'my Lord, baptize me with the Holy Spirit.' Silence...
I began to recite, continuously and in me, the prayer of the heart; "Lord Jesus, Son of God, have mercy on me, sinner."
It lasted for some time. Then my body started trembling... Many very strong shakes! An angel, like an eagle, came to take my spirit away. I kept on reciting the prayer. From then on, I was aware of my body as if I was inside it, while I was out of it, hung by the angel who took me away toward unknown places. There were beautiful forests and many beautiful landscapes.
While I was discovering these lands, my body was vibrating on and on, intensely trembling, I was tetanized but still said the prayer. After a long while, I felt a column of fire powerfully going up from my coccyx to my spinal column. I saw the two lobes of my brain moved apart under pressure and a column of fire spurted out from the middle of my brain like an erupting volcano. My body kept on vibrating very strongly... I still recited the prayer. I saw a kind of molten lava coming out of the two lobes and a few pieces bursting under pressure, but no pain. It lasted a long while. Suddenly the Holy Spirit sprang like a magnificent dove and engraved the inside of my forehead.
After the Holy Spirit left, I could hear a voice blaspheming beside me, I knew where it came from. I recovered my consciousness shortly after, filled with wonder by what I had experienced. I was thankful.
I knew that the Snake had falsified a lot of things, but what a surprise it was when I saw that baptism in the Holy Spirit had also been falsified by the Snake. What I experienced was known to me as Kundalini except that at the end, it is not the Holy Spirit with a dove shape who springs up but the influence under the Snake's domination...

Having come back from Jerusalem, I continued my spiritual quest as my guardian angel had told me some months before, 'Pursue your quest!'

However I still did not understand who Buddha was. I cannot share everything I lived through but it was on the night from the 22nd till the 23rd of February 2014 that everything changed dramatically. Precisely at 5:33 am. I saw Buddha, face to face. He is imposing and extremely powerful. At daybreak, I decided to throw away the statue of him that I had. His archangel name had been revealed to me in Vietnam on the Cham islands.

I had many revelations and many graces in Vietnam. I experienced an astonishing anecdote in Hoi An in my hotel room.
That morning, I opened up the shutters. On a chair of the terrace I saw a big cockroach lain on its back. It was dying. I stepped back as I saw it, and I started to recall the Master's teaching. He had insisted not to judge the beings that God had created, that we had to love any beings in Nature... and thus the cockroach that I had in front of me.
I stepped forward. I tried to put it back on its legs, but it had no strength and each attempt ended without success. Systematically, it fell on its back. I gave it a bit of morning dew with a leaf but without success. I decided then to communicate by telepathy with it. I had already done that for animals and plants. That does not always work but why not try?
'What may I do for you?', I said. I heard a voice, 'you can do nothing for me.' I was both happy and annoyed. Happy because it worked, annoyed because I did not accept that fate. I tried many things; nothing! I said a prayer for the sake of that poor cockroach and my wife and I went out for breakfast. We were concerned by the fate of this animal. Back in our room, I tried again. I could not leave it like this. I had brought back with me a banana in the hope that it could eat a bit. I turned it over once again and miracle! It stood on its legs, very weak. I remembered the prayer and gave thanks to Heaven. I cut up a bit of banana, put it just before its mandibles. I stared at its shell; its armor which acted as a body. I mused that I would be paralyzed with fear in front of it, if it was 1.80 meters long. Suddenly, it curled up and clung on to the banana. It was eating! I was filled with wonder to see its jaw moving. It was eating! A short while went by, I saw that it was regaining its strength. It was really regaining its strength.

Suddenly an idea came to me, 'make eye contact with it', which I did. It was difficult because its eyes were tiny. I tried several unsuccessful attempts. Then our eyes met. Its eyes were tiny and round. Suddenly I could see a huge wave of Love coming toward me. I had the impression of seeing plenty of concentric-circles-waves surrounding me. No one, I claim it, no one, incarnated in the matter had given me as much love as that tiny animal whose life I had tried to save and which had really understood it. I was so moved. My heart opened up. I felt a burning desire to hold it in my arms, to hug it strongly and to kiss it! But it was so tiny that I was afraid of hurting it...
Then this demonstration of unconditional love sharply stopped. The cockroach curled up to step back and hide itself into a slot of the chair. Things were back to normal. The fear of the unknown; the mistrust of a being that we do not know. I had had the privilege to attend a moment when at last armors and masks are put aside and when we dare to love with in the most beauty way.
I let the tiny animal go back to its life and I started musing. All the ordeals and experiences that we live are sent by God, the Father, to awake our conscience toward a better being, at least for those who wish for that. What could this experience mean?
Suddenly I stared at the icon of Christ. Again, I thought back to the Gospel of Philip (110), "the pearl cast down into the mud... keeps its value in the eyes of its owner." And I realized, 'my Lord, the pearl cast down into the mud..., the cockroach... it's me!!! That day in a path in Lyon, I met a man, I sent Him so much Love without knowing who He was...'
Everything was buzzing around in my head. I also thought about that question, 'but My Lord, why me?', then about Mary Magdalene and suddenly I realized what Christ had said to Mary Magdalene, "for this reason I say to you, her sins, which are many, have been forgiven, for she loved much." (Gospel of Luke 7-47). I was understanding.

Days went by. Everyday, I said the two chapelets. I had understood. I had understood that Christianity was not a stack of technics as we can see by hundreds of them on the web or in other religions. I had understood that we did not need to pay to get any particular gift, or any particular opening of this and that channel. I had understood that in Christianity, no matter the outstanding possibilities that you have, you will always find on your way a person who has the same possibilities as you and often more than you without being Christian. God willed it so. I had understood that Christianity is the family gathered and regained above all! It is the only religion in which the emblem of the family is present; the Virgin and the Child!
I therefore gave up everything. I was done searching with crystals, searching for opening the channels. I said to Heaven; 'I want to get back to my family!'

I had realized that before leaving for Jerusalem. On the web, I had discovered a remarkable Vietnamese man; Marcel Van. As a kid, he played on Christ's knees! He had asked for a spiritual older-sister Saint Therese of the Child Jesus!
'This man is brillant!' I exclaimed. 'I too would like to have an elder sister.' I thought of Mary Magdalene. She was the first one I had seen; she had guided me. I requested it from Heaven. Silence...
Yet, the day after, I was stricken with remorse. I was thinking that I must have usurped a place that was not mine, that I did not deserve such an honor. I requested from Heaven again and withdrew myself. Silence...
Months went by, then came the pilgrimage to Jerusalem. That day, we were to meet at Saint Jerome church. Key figures from the Vatican were there and the church was crowded. I had taken my time to go in. There was snow over Jerusalem some days before our arrival; never before had people seen so much snow! I took photos in the inner yard and came in. There was no place left except the one in front of me. I could only sit there.
I walked up to that seat, turned my head, admiringly looking at the decoration from my left hand side to my right hand side and ended face to face in front of a large and wonderful painting of... Mary Magdalene. I was amazed, I stared at her, face to face, then I could hear a woman's voice saying, 'Hi, little brother!' Silence...
I smiled back at her. I was understanding. What a joy; 'Hi, elder sister,' I said to her looking at her admiringly... she had accepted!

Back from my pilgrimage; months went by. It was on the 25th of May, 2014, on a Sunday; Mother's Day. I was puzzled. Did I have to say to the Blessed Virgin Mary, 'happy Mother's Day!' because She was a mother at her time? Or did I have to say to Her, 'happy Mother's Day!' because She is our mother according to the interpretation of John's Gospel, "woman, behold your son. John, behold your mother."\\ That day, I walked toward my neighbourhood’s church while thinking about what I was going to say. Just before arriving in front of the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary, still thoughtful, I could hear Her voice which sweetly told me, 'you may call Me Mommy.'
I was speechless. I could not believe what I had just heard. I stood up in front of the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary, staring at Her. I made eye contact with Her as She and Christ had taught me. I could not say a word. Then, as usual, I began to say the chaplet, 'Hail Mary...' At this point, a firm and sweet man's voice interrupted me, 'Mommy. Hail Mommy.' I didn't understand. I started again, 'Hail Mary,' I was sharply interrupted, 'Mommy. Hail Mommy.' It occurred three times. The third time, I said 'Hail Mommy' and then my body started to vibrate, filled with joy... 'is it true? So, You want me to call You Mommy,' I say to Her.
It was strange. I was moved and at the same time it sounded as if it was normal, as if She had always been the Mommy that I was looking for, the One who discreetly came along with me in my life, that I often kissed in my victories. You who are reading me, if you are a mother too, don't worry. She is also your mother. God allows you to live the maternity in your flesh only for you to experience the joy and the ordeals to unconditionally love a being who incarnates himself in your womb, who has chosen you, with your consent, so that you become his or her mother. But in no case, you are the genuine mother, the one who gave birth to the spirit (and not the body of flesh) who lives in the body that you gave or are about to give birth. The same can be said about paternity. Parents according to the flesh allow the incarnation into the world. But we all have a unique Father and a unique Mother according to the Spirit. Having ended my chaplet, I was thankful. I was beholding the face of the Blessed Virgin Mary statue when spontaneously I said to Her, 'what is this spell so powerful that has made me forget everything, even my own Mother?' Silence...

As of May 25th, 2014, I had met my sister, I had met my Mother but not my Father yet. It was on 3rd of August in the mountains, at the place where I had heard the timbre of our Mother's voice for the first time that the meeting took place. That morning, I was saying the Blessed Virgin Mary's chaplet. As Heaven had taught me, I made eye contact with either our Mother on the Ave Maria or Christ on the Pater Noster; staring at Them.
As I was saying a Pater Noster, I stared at that icon of Christ, making eye contact with Him. I could hear a sweet but firm man's voice telling me to come closer and to look at even closer. I came closer..., 'Even closer...', the voice said. I came closer again..., 'Closer still...' Only just a few centimeters were between our faces. I was turned upside down, something was happening but I didn't know what. Spontaneously I slowly said in a low voice, 'Who are You?' Silence...
I knew it was the icon of Christ in front of me but at that very moment something unusual was happening. I was as absorbed. 'Who are You?', I said once again. Silence...
Time went by, I was absorbed by the face in front of me. I said again, 'Who are you?', then I could hear, 'Don't you recognize Me?'
I had the feeling of being a deep amnesic who, having received a powerful blow, had lost any memory of its past and then with this word everything was revealed. I was still absorbed by the face that I was beholding when a passage from the Gospel came to my mind, "have I been so long with you, and yet you have not come to know Me, Philip? He who has seen Me has seen the Father." (John 14-9)
I realized what was happening. I started crying. I had met my Father. I stared at Him and once again I spontaneously said to Him, 'what is this spell so powerful that has made me forget everything, even my own Parents?' Silence...

John 14: 6-9 : '"I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. If you had known me, you would have known my Father also. From now on, you do know him and have seen him". Philip (the Apostle) said to Him, "Lord, show us the Father, and it is enough for us". Jesus said to him, "Have I been so long with you, and yet you have not come to know Me, Philip? He who has seen Me has seen the Father.'

Yes Father, now I know.
In Christ,
Leroux Philippe           On December, 8th, 2014.

[1] Addendum of April 13th, 2020 : voir
[2] Addendum of April 13th, 2020 : in september 2017, Heaven showed me I was stoned, which explains the moves of my head (vain reflexes of a man trying to avoid stones).