Chapitre 7

The Catholic Church of that time

In His time, in Israel, Jesus had denounced the religious people. He was rejected. The same goes for Master Philippe de Lyon and the Church of his time; the Catholic Church. That is why very few people have heard of him by now. Here are a few words from the Master about the Church of his time:

'The role played by the religion was inevitable, but it is nevertheless true that priests are devil's servants rather than God's by now. They have only one god which is gold, and if they could kill whoever talks in the name of God like me, they would do so willingly!
And it has been a good thing that there were men opposing and protesting against religion, defending civil funerals and struggling against the clergy for it to learn how to follow the human spirit's progress.'
(Carnet de Victoire Philippe page 72 - 73, (Notebooks of Victoire Joan Philippe))

'There is a slight change; indeed the session room used to empty around Easter. Sick people, advised by priests, came and asked to be given their diseases back for fear of being damned. Now, the room is less empty than before.'

'If I had wanted to, I would have founded a religion, and if that of Christ had not been founded, I would have established it. The Church for long taught that children who had not been baptized went into limbo; that is to say they never saw God, nor his reign. It caused them to be buried in cemeteries apart from the others and it has caused the despair of many mothers! Yet it is an evil act, for the true baptism is that of fire and water and that one gives the life.'

'The true resurrection is reincarnation. It explains everything. Likewise, the true communion is unknown from the priests. They do not know what "drink the blood and eat the flesh of Jesus Christ" means. One day, I will explain it to you.'

'You may go to the confessionnal as much as you wish to, but I announce you that the absolution will only be given to those that will have paid off their debts. Instead of doing that, we should better pray for these poor souls that are locked up into penitentiaries and that have been thrown into a cell when they had not provided the task they were required of.'

'Absolution is only a satisfaction. We will be forgiven only after paying.'

The Master was seen at the Berlin Court, at the Quirinal Palace, at the Vatican and so on. He warned Pope Leo XIII that if the Church did not give up a few treasures, in particular by melting down a number of life-sized gold statues kept in the Vatican's cellars, it would have to suffer from governments and so did that occur as each of us knows. (Answers from Master Philippe page 14. Referring to the world wars.)

There are two Catholic Churches; the one in Heaven which is Holy and all mighty, the Master calls it the "Universal Church" and is the Church of Charity... and the Catholic Church on earth which has huge responsibilities. The Catholic Church on earth, supposed to spread the teaching of Christ, has not often been equal to the message, nor to the Man, as everyone of us. We have all laid into that Church, me the first. That Church frightened me. And one day, I wondered, 'who am I to judge it? I am neither Christ nor the Master, I am part of the Creation, I did not exist before like Them.'
I thought, 'Behold, this Church is like us. If we were allowed to know what we have done during these thousands of past lives, then we could see that we too have killed people, raped, tortured, stolen, plundered, burnt, damaged and so on.'
To move forward, God erases our memory before becoming incarnated again for such a past could not be borne... but the same does not go for the Catholic Church, it is a part of history and can't remove its past.

We should not overlook all these beings in the Church showing humility and paying attention to the message. Behold, to these humble and insignificant beings in the Church, the Lord or the Blessed Virgin Mary revealed themselves for various reasons but never have those being proud and ranked seen them.

What the Master told is true, but the Catholics of that time couldn't bear such remarks. Yet, as the Gospel advocates, should we not take out the log of our own eye some day to move forward? Indeed, but taking out the log hurts, and this is the reason why we prefer to live with, even if we have to remain in an uncomfortable position.

Priests do not have all the abilities they claim to have. In Jerusalem, during my pilgrimage on December 2013, the 83-year-old priest, a very radiant man, said mass and gave the Eucharist every day. The trip was coming to an end and he invited everyone in the chapel to bless the Christian objects we had bought. Just when the priest asked for the objects to be blessed, I could see dozens of columns of Light from above coming down through the chapel upon our objects!!! WOW... what a wonder, what a joy to see that! It was beautiful! I gave thanks for having had such a grace.
Yet during another mass in the chapel, the very priest asked Heaven to forgive all of us but I did not see any Light from above coming down upon us... I was thinking about the Master's teaching; no priests but a few have the power to forgive. One day, you will have the joy of being forgiven by Heaven... your whole body will vibrate... and so will your tongue above all!!!

The last day of the pilgrimage, the mass took place on the road to Emmaüs, not far from Jerusalem, in a twelfth century church. At my feet was my rucksack with a bag full of communion wafers that a nun had sold to me in Nazareth. I didn't wish for so much, but it was a bag with either 500 communion wafers or 1000! I took the first one. The twelfth century church was really beautiful. Just before the priest said the Eucharist, I spontaneously said to Christ, 'Lord, could you transubstantiate the communion wafers I have in my rucksack, if it be Thy will?' Silence...
The priest was saying the usual prayer when suddenly, what a wonder, what a joy!! At a few centimeters away from me, I could see a column of Light with a diameter around 10 to 15 centimeters coming from above through the church and remaining upon my rucksack. I was understanding what was going on. I gave warmly thanks to Heaven to have granted me such a grace. Some months later, I met a Protestant man; Paul. We were talking about transubstantiation. I told him that it was more than a symbol; it was a reality!

I was not a Catholic; I have become one of them! Before April 2014, I think, I claimed to be a Christian but not a Catholic. I had even changed the text of the Apostles Creed. One day, I walked over to the Church in my area to pray in front of the Cross. I stepped forward in front of Christ. I was looking straight into His eye, in the face, as He has taught to me. While saying the Creed, I made a slip of the tongue. Instead of my saying "... in the One, Holy and Apostolic Church...", I said, '... the Holy Catholic Church...' and my body suddenly started vibrating. I became aware of it and stopped. I said, 'So this is what You wish! You will me to say "in the Holy Catholic Church".' Silence...
'Lord, I cannot refuse You anything, since it is Your will.' I was remembering my second vision of Christ in glory... with the very hat which covers the pope. There, was the meaning of the second vision of Christ that I have had. It was He, the real head of the Church. From that day on, I have said the Creed with no modification. The Catholic Church does not frighten me anymore. I prayed for the unification of all the Christian churches. Above all, it is His Will! But many shall be obliged to renounce many privileges for it to be done. The Master said, 'You say: Your will be done, but you think: mine first.'