Chapter 13

The One who splits

"For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted." (Luke 14-11)

Born in a cave in Bethlehem, entered Jerusalem on a baby donkey and died on the Cross for us, Christ who is so high shows us the way forward again: humility!

And the devil, who also appears in the Gospel during the Temptation into the wilderness, whom I call the One who splits: a reality or a pure fiction? Let us listen to Master Philippe de Lyon:

'We are in the dwelling of pride and we have to deceive the keeper to get out; it’s we who lead us astray.' (Referring to: "My Father’s house has many rooms." (John 14-2))

'Jesus-Christ alone knew the mystery of the problem of evil. All the sages get no hunch of it; they halted at the foot of that wall limiting their horizon feeling something was over yonder but they couldn’t say a word of it.'

'God, as He created the world, created harmless beings; He also created infernal beings. He created them deliberately. All that God did, He did it in full knowledge of the facts.' (13/12/1894). Avoid any naive and hurried conclusions... God the Father has an infinite intelligence... we have not!

'Man improves himself only by his own efforts, he understands only what he tests, he appreciates the value of things only after tasting their ashes. He doesn’t get much out of advice and admonitions for he only half-believes them.'

'The demon exists, for sure, and we shouldn’t deny the existence of infernal spirits, it would entail the denial of beneficial spirits. But don’t be superstitious yet.' (20/02/1895)

'We have good and evil in us. Evil is nothing but the demon and as for us, we are nothing but fallen angels.' (25/06/1897.)

'Put yourself down if you don't want Heaven to put you down.' (06/05/1902.)
'Hadn't God loved us a lot, it would have been too late since one thousand eight hundred fifty six years.' (06/05/1902.)

'Antichrist’s soldiers are those that make on Christ, who was the Word of the Incarnated Father, that is the Word of God, human judgements. They say that Christ is an advanced being, who had studied at such temple, at such sanctuary and that his initiation raised Him to the level that He has hold.' (17/02/1902.)

'Our Lord Jesus Christ didn't cure, as some have claimed and believed with the help of some spirits; no, He did not need anyone, for He was not a superior man; He was God.' (07/01/1894.)

'Never trust those wonder makers claiming that they are the incarnate Christ, the risen Christ.' (28/03/1895.)

'Who is anti-Christian? Anyone developing his brain to the detriment of his heart.' (06/03/1902.)

'When Satan tempted the Lord, he did not recognise Him; he did not know that it was Him.' (12/02/1901.)

I had the privilege to see the One who splits three times in visions and several times furtively during the prayers. He was alone. Except that Friday morning on 27 December 2013 at Jerusalem during my pilgrimage. That day, Heaven woke me up around 5h30 am, I think, maybe earlier. We slept at the sisters' home. I took my chaplet and started praying in front of the Cross. Then, my sight changed. I had access to an additional spatial dimension. I may not tell everything.
While I was saying the Ave Maria, I saw in front of me a gloomy land, full of dust. A large-scale thing was rapidly moving but not in my direction. Abruptly, I saw a tall snake along with a horseman in a cloud of dust. They did not apparently expect to see me. When they saw me, they made a detour towards me. I could feel a wall of Hate charging ahead at me, hurling very powerful maledictions at me but which fortunately were stopped thanks to an invisible veil which was preserving me. I knew that the Blessed Virgin Mary was protecting me. I kept on saying the Ave Maria. And then, the snake, the tall, powerful and terrifying snake came and raised itself in front of me, face to face, eye to eye, some ten centimeters away from me. Its red eyes were bloodshot and full of fury. It was a colossal wall of Hate. At its left hand side was clearly a Semitic[1][2] man. He looked like a prince on his white horse. What baffled me was his gaze; empty. There was nothing left. He gave the impression of being totally manipulated by the snake. They were in front of me. There was silence...
I kept on saying the Ave Maria in my head. The man did not reveal his name to me. I ended my chaplet then suddenly everything went back to normal. I did not have an access to that additional spatial dimension anymore. I gave thanks to Heaven for having experienced so many things that day.

Remember the Gospel according to Matthew (7-15), "Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognise them."

Master Philippe de Lyon clarifies, 'He who says, "within me lies the power", belittles Christ and negates his divinity; that one is a false prophet. Christ was definitely the Son of God. God into man, and nothing is known of his earthly life.'

In some places on earth, I saw the One who splits into the form of a snake but in other places I saw him in the form of a dragon. He cursed me three times while I was praying at the foot of the Cross in the church where I am used to going to.

The Master claims, 'Dark spirits shall become Light spirits someday.' (04/02/1902.)

Few people incarnated on earth have an idea of the real power of the One who splits. He is nearly as powerful as God the Father Himself! I testify to the fact that he has, for example, the possibility to inspire your mind with germs of ideas through photographic negatives or through telepathy. When I talk about that power, many people think, with good reason, of the film Inception by Christopher Nolan. It is obviously more subtle but it provides a support to clarify the thought. You therefore understand why the chaplets are repetitive prayers. Repeated again and again the Ave Maria and the Pater Noster allow, among other things, to eradicate these germs of pathological thoughts. God the Father is unconditional Love, the One who splits is unconditional Hate. The more you live in hate, the more you are subdued to the Snake. That is why the Master insists in claiming that we cannot get through if we cannot love above all! We have to clean any traces of hate in us in order to let the Snake have no hold upon us.

[1] Semitic = first used to refer to a family of languages native to West Asia (the Middle East). The languages evolved and spread to Asia Minor, North Africa, the Horn of Africa and Malta. (Wikipedia Source.)

[2] Remember that Hitler was clearly a european male...