Chapter 9

Trust in God

Christ had asked Saint Faustina to pray mainly at 3 pm and if she could not do so, to think of Him saying 'Jesus, I trust in You.' We all have busy professional lives, that is why for my part, my phone is on vibrate mode with an alarm set for 3pm.
We fell by a lack of trust in God, we will be risen up in having a total trust in Him.
Everything turns around trust! We all wish to see to believe but we forget that miracles do not create faith but faith creates miracles!!!
Remember the exodus of the Jewish people in the Old Testament when they went out of Egypt at the time of Moses and Aaron! These people saw more miracles than anyone. The opening of the Red Sea into two parts should have aroused an awareness and you know the story! Miracles do not create faith but faith creates miracles!!!
We have to endeavour to trust in God and dare look at Him, in the face, in the eye, through an icon of Christ. That is why on some images of Sainte Faustina there is :

"Jesus, I trust in You."

Master Philippe de Lyon guides us in our quest again. Here are two quotations:

'You all seek to have confidence, faith. You should not seek so. Ask as you might; there is no finding if you don’t have charity in your heart. You have to sow the seed of charity and you will reap faith. Charity doesn’t consist in giving everything you have, it consists, whatever the act, in not doing to others what you wouldn’t want them to do to you. In every act of yours, ask yourself if you would want others to do so to you.' (28/12/1894)

'The most advanced men have had no power but this one: so strong a faith that they knew beforehand they would be answered. Thereby, they got by praying all that they asked for: the cure of a disease, the extinction of a fire. The curé d’Ars was one of these men.'

That is why Heaven, through the Master, said: "Out of Charity, no salvation.".

As I was saying the chaplet one day, a voice came to tempt me:
'You don't trust in God for either you have total trust in God either you have not.' Silence...
I continued saying the chaplet and the voice of Christ told me:
'Go on.' Yet the provocation was stronger than me, I answered that I had a total trust in God.
Two or three days went by and I had forgotten this fact. Then in broad daylight, I experienced a terrifying thing, coming from another world, that I cannot tell. I was petrified in front of the thing; tetanized. A voice unknown to me by then came out of me, over which I had no control and I did as Saint Peter, the apostle... I saw myself falling.
It lasted a short while then everything became normal. I was very baffled and I then thought over what I had said about trust. I was wondering, 'How is it possible? Don't panic, this voice came from my soul, not from me, not from my spirit but... but from my soul!'...
Several days went by. I wanted to forget what had happened but I could not. 'I can't play at make-believe!' I said. Then I took an icon of Christ in my hand and said to Him, 'How is it possible, how can I not totally trust in You, I who have seen You several times. I speak to You; You answer me. You guide me! I can't understand, how could I have fallen before You?'
He answered me, 'you are split.' Abruptly I understood! I had read it, I had mentally understood it but... but I had not experienced it. The Master had said that the body could sin against the spirit without the spirit knowing and reciprocally, likewise with the soul. 'There are so many beings within us,' said the Master. And that day, that was really the case. Everything in me was tetanized and this voice unknown to me by now had betrayed me. We are split! That is why we find difficulty in believing. Our being, contrary to what we can see, is broken up, split and burst out. We therefore have to work on unifying the being.

"On the day that you were one, you made two. And when you are two, what will you do?" Saying 11 from the Gospel of Thomas.

When you experience a teaching like this one, it is not to drag you down. Christ had allowed me to experience it not to drag me down but to experience it... and to be aware of that voice, above all.
What a wonder, I had found a new part of me. With it, I started to say the chapelets. Sometimes, the voice says them and I help it when it is tired. That is why you should say the chaplet to yourself and not out loud!

A long time before, I had a deeply moving experience. I saw myself in an angel's body. I was on the ground, as if knocked out, close to a coma state, seriously wounded, mainly in the wings. The blow that I had received must have been very powerful. It reminded me of this parable. It is as if your real "I" was this angel and you as if you were a pseudo. Suppose that anyone has a pseudo on the net. This pseudo has its social life. It depends on you. Then someone comes into your flat and puts you in a coma. Your pseudo on the net is all that you have. It survives and develops itself. And one day, in opening its heart, this pseudo on the net realises that there is a being more subtle than it who is on the other side of the screen and it starts realizing that it is nothing but an object of this being. But this being has not recovered all his/her forces for s/he is still in a coma, between Life and Death, with lucid moments from time to time. What is to be done then?
Either the pseudo is in hiding for fear of disappearing with the awaking of this wounded being, or it decides to awake him/her and to get his/her real position back. But how can it be done?
Hence the quest it is pursuing! This pseudo on the net learns that there is also a Being who is creator of all things and who, He too, has taken a pseudo, has dived into this world of illusions so as to show the way forward to get out and to raise up the being in a coma between the Life and Death. Indeed, but for that to be done, we have to trust in this Being!