Chapter 12

The Photographic Negatives

This chapter is very important and explains many hidden things. We refer the interested reader to Vie et Paroles, that is Life and Words by Alfred Haehl. The Master teaches us the notion of photographic negative called cliché in french. This notion is a major one and governs the dynamism of every act of ours. Here are three quotations:

The Master said, 'All around us exists in a photographic state. When an event is to occur, there comes from the whole vastness molecules to constitute a photographic negative. A few persons may have a gift to perceive photographic negatives. These ones will see more or less sharp photographic negatives before them, and depending on their sharpness they will conclude that such an event is to occur in such a time. Photographic negatives are alive; they can be summoned up and be perceptible to our intelligence.' (24/02/1902)

'Any being, whose brain meets pictures cannot escape on its own from the obligation to think and to act whereas those for whom these pictures are like hanging in the air are unable to act even to think.
This is how a good clairvoyant proceeds to tell you that a house is going to be built there or elsewhere. Because the photographic negative has been already there waiting until it sticks in an architect’s mind that will be able to seize it. The architect will be proud of the idea he will think to be his unaware that he is but a tool.'
Hence the humility that we should all have on discovering such and such progress... Even for a theorem in mathematics, as thoroughgoing as it may be, the mathematician is still but an instrument... Indeed, but how hard it is to acknowledge it...

'Everything is and everything was; as to the "shall ever be" side, I wouldn’t put it in that way; let’s say it shall not be forever at the same place.
All must endure photographic negatives except free beings.
All is written and however all may be changed; yet, to get a change, that must be useful.'