Chapter 16

Sexuality and Love

Master Philippe de Lyon claims, "We are meant to go to a place in which pure and brotherly love exists in the full sense of the word, but in which there is no sex organ."

Sexuality is a very mysterious thing. Almost all the traditions advocate abstinence as much as possible. Why?

In short, you have to know that within our spine there is a channel where the yang energy is spreading; it is called Du Mai. That channel notably feeds the brain and the heart, the places where the soul and the spirit are. It rises in an energy reserve that the Chinese medical tradition called lower Dan Tian, fed by the Kidneys. Kidneys are at the root of sexual energy. For men, Du Mai runs along the urethra. No life is possible without that energy.

If you have extrasensory possibility, you have noticed that when ejaculating, sperm comes out... well, you know that... but also that quite important breathing comes out of the Du Mai through the urethra! That energy of life is not meant for coming out, it must feed your energy centers. That is why it is important not to do anything with it.

Many traditions offer purifying technics to bring this sexual energy under control. For Christians, as you know now, no technic! Asking the Father is enough. That energy is related to the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, with this lava flow that I felt. It is connected to the two into One.

... purifying technics? Indeed, you have read it. You should read carefully the visions of Sister Catherine Emmerich. She clearly saw Joachim, the father of the Blessed Virgin Mary, going to the temple before being a dad. He received rays of Light over the genitals before his union with Anne, who was to become the mother of Mary. Joachim clearly received a purifying of his semen. The mark that the Beast put into us would therefore be into the sperm, at least a part of it.

That is why the Blessed Virgin Mary said at Lourdes, "I am the Immaculate conception" that I understand in short, by, "I am not marked by the Beast".

Voilà pourquoi le Christ dira dans une vision à Catherine Emmerich que le grand pouvoir de la femme est sa transformation en un être meilleur. Plus la future maman est pure, plus elle a le pouvoir de purifier l'être qui va naître. Celui qui naîtra d'une telle femme aura moins de dettes de ses vies antérieures à payer, donc souffrira moins.
L'homme a aussi en lui l'empreinte énergétique des organes génitaux féminins. Je peux ainsi sentir l'utérus d'une femme que je tente de soigner vibrer en moi. Quand Le Ciel aide une femme lors de mes séances de soin, c'est très souvent son utérus qui est ciblé...

That is why Christ said in a vision to Catherine Emmerich that the greatest power of women is their transformations into better beings. The purer the future mother, the more she has the power to purify the being who is about to be born. Those that will be born from such a woman will have fewer debts from their past lives to pay off and therefore will suffer less.
Men also have the energy print of the female genitals. I can therefore feel in me the womb of a woman, that I try to treat, vibrating in me. When Heaven helps a woman during the treatment, the most often, it is her womb which is targeted...
That is why the opening of the channel in the spine by this Kundalini is essential for the One who splits, for linking the energy center where the sperm is, marked by his seal, to the brain where the soul of man is in order to feed on it is a golden opportunity.
That is why many go mad after such an opening. I remind you once again that the opening of this channel must be done by God Himself, that is by Christ: It is the Baptism with the Holy Spirit. Any forced opening shall have, in the shorter or longer term, tragic consequences, in this world... or in the other one!

I testify. There are demons who have the power to take a woman's shape with perfect features and to bewitch men. They are called succubus. By their bewitchments, they mate with you to force you to ejaculate. It is not the sperm, a priori, they are looking for but the breath of life coming out when ejaculating. It is clearly a rape!
This takes place in a kind of awake dreams. Some wet dreams, as we say in medicine, come from there. It is difficult to fight alone against these demons... but with forgiveness and the chaplet of the Blessed Virgin Mary, everything becomes easier.

As I am not incarnated in a woman's body, I cannot testify if the analogue exists for women.

The mysterious gospel according to Mary Magdalene recounts a discussion that she had with Christ after His resurrection. Our Father explains to her the forms that the soul must cross to go up. There are seven forms, "The first form is Darkness, the second Desire, the third Ignorance, the fourth is the Excitement of death, the fifth is the Kingdom of the flesh, the sixth is the Foolish wisdom of flesh, the seventh is the Wrathful wisdom. These are the seven powers of wrath."
Have you read it: Kingdom of the flesh... Beware of these beings here below who offer you an access to lust (pornography for example). God did not give us the gift of love so that we sully it.

* * *

And what about love? You have noticed that love between a woman and a man leads to the sexual union. The feelings which had arisen out of the heart end up with the sexual union of the two bodies.

I have often wondered how this union would be in the hereafter since according to the Master and the Gospel, there is no sex. What is pure love? Here are some anecdotes to try to understand.

You remember that Master Philippe de Lyon had given me this extrasensory gift. One day, I was in the subway. A woman, not quite 20 years old, kissed her boyfriend in the neck. It was for me a gift from Heaven. While she was kissing him, I could feel her lips gently settling on my own neck and her love spreading like Light rays. I was so amazed by this kiss that my first reaction was to say, "Well, she really loves him!" Suddenly, I realised what I have just described to you. I was a little ashamed to interfere in the intimacy of this couple. Thinking over it afterwards, I realised that Love was an extraordinary vibration.

Another day, I was walking along with my wife. I saw two women greedily kissing each other. Horrible! I could feel, ...with my tongue..., the tongue of the one on my right kissing me. I quickly looked away! for the only way to get out is not to look at. It is no use stating that the vibrating level of that kiss had nothing to do with the one from my first experiment.

Until then, it was women that I felt in me. One day, a couple of friends came home. The wife was standing by the window. We were talking to each other. Her husband came beside her and caressed her waist with love. This time, I was feeling his hands caressing my own waist. I felt like saying, "Laurent, stop caressing your wife!"

I often think over this Master's quotation, "There are so many beings within us." "Should you feel what I am feeling, you would feel we are but one." From what I have experienced, I say to you: You are in everyone and everyone is in you! That is why if such a person is kissing another one and that I see them, this person kisses me as well.

Here is another anecdote. I was in a train for quite a while. My legs were hurting me. I was thinking over the discussions that I often had, over all the difficulties that I had to have people be aware that there is a transcendent dimension for their lives and that their lives do not come down to work, work, work except if you wish it so. In short, I had had enough of struggling. I stood up from my seat to walk.
It was then a sweet short moment which makes you feel good. Behind me, there was a woman, a nun, about thirty years old; our gazes met. I looked at her tenderly. She seemed a little confused. She was saying the rosary. On her right hand side, a man was listening to music. In front of them the seats were free.
I was walking to the buffet car to have a coffee and to stretch my legs. While drinking, I heard a voice, "You should go to see and talk with her." I refused for she was saying the rosary and I dared not disturb her. The voice insisted. I gave in, "Well! if going there is the will of Heaven, I will go." I needed a sign, "Yes I will, but on condition that, once I will be back from the buffet car, the man beside her is gone." Silence...
I was walking back to my seat and stupefaction: She was alone; the man beside her was gone, leaving his belongings behind. Therefore, since it is the will of Heaven...
I moved forward and sat down in front of this woman. I was looking at her. She was beautiful; a lot of gentleness, a lot of Light. I started speaking. I told her that I also said the chaplet. Her voice was sweet; she seemed confused. She told me she lived a cloistered life. I understood. Being accosted by a man might not be part of her everyday life. Suddenly the discussion stopped. She came into herself. I was looking at her and did not say a word. She must be praying. Some minutes were going by. Silence...
I was looking at her respectfully. Gradually, an intense Light ball, let us say about fifty centimeters in diameter went out of my heart. It remained quite a long time. I had a deep feeling of peace, I felt good, I felt so good...
I had never felt such a feeling before. I regained self-control and spoke to Heaven, "Is it You who are stepping in me, or is it she who is praying for me?" Silence...
Everything came back as before. She was looking at me again, eating a little. The silence was still between us until she humbly announced to me, "I have prayed for you." I answered, "Yes, Sister, I know." And I told her what I had just experienced. She was surprised. "You have a very fine spirituality," I said to her. I felt like telling her about everything that you have just read but the train stopped. My trip was over. I gave sincerely thanks to her.

Sometimes I think, "Instead of uniting the sexes, what about uniting the hearts?"

This pure Love, I had also experienced with this cockroach in Vietnam.

I had obviously experienced this pure Love with my elder Sister, our Mother and with our Father. The breath of the Father is the one of unconditional Love. When it goes through you, it gives Life. This breath, this Love is beyond words. Only in experiencing it will you realize it. The Master said, "It is not a current, but rather a Light, it represents the "Love one another" union, no initiate knows it. I used this force for the first time at the age of 7."