XIII - Conclusion ( .pdf )


Warning: The more knowledge you gain, the more responsible for your acts you become, the more you will have to later account for what you did or did not. Therefore, reading what follows is strictly forbidden unless you should have a keen desire to advance spiritually. Backtracking will not be possible.


A bit more than a century ago, the unthinkable, the unimaginable, the unconceivable showed up in the greatest humility in Lyon, France. Women and men of that time who followed Master Philippe de Lyon had the intimation that something was out of the ordinary in this being. Yet few did know. Some had written down teachings given in Lyon and what they had seen and felt. Afterwards, many of these notes were gathered by Alfred Haehl in the book Life and Words, and much later by others in particular by Philippe Collin in the book Answers from Master Philippe. In so doing, they saved from oblivion what the Master had passed on to us and the future generations -- that is us so to speak since the most part come back... -- can now have access to these teachings and spread them to the greatest number of people.

By this testimony and the articles uploaded on the web, with all my heart I have wished to give you access to what Heaven had passed on to me:

Master Philippe de Lyon.

(Life and Words Page 319) : "Don't say you love God; that is not true. God is in front of you, among you and you don't see him; He is even in your heart, since you have a divine spark in you. How is it that you love God whom you don't see since the neighbour of yours whom you know, you don't love him ? Don't say: "O my God, I love you above all things and my neighbour as myself for the love of you". That is not true. When you love your neighbour, you will love God." (01/05/1901)

Yes, he did say, "God is in front of you, among you and you don't see him."

(Life and Words Page 251) : "You have read in the Scriptures, "let he who loves me, leave his father, his mother, his sisters, and the husband his wife to follow me." Have you understood what that meant? Certainly not to take refuge in convents and to spend the rest of your life in (I don't mean to say anything wrong against convents, they exist, they must be respected), but for example:
A father dies and leaves his heirloom to be shared between two brothers; immediately, each of them will want to get his half. Well! If one of them wants more than his share, the other must give it to him and even more until he has nothing left. For sure, his family will call him crazy. Later his children will curse him for having been dispossessed. It doesn't matter; this is how he can follow me by leaving his beloved ones behind and, as nothing is ever lost, the wealth he has given will be, one day, returned to his children." (07/11/1893)

To leave this illusion we all are in, to follow Him, we shall have to leave everything behind... our culture, our beliefs, what we are or rather what we think we are!

"We came as fishermen to fish out those who would like to escape", He said in 1894 talking about John and Himself[1].

"... Believe it, I have come to bring light into confusion..."[2]

"No one, I assure you, loves you more than me."[3]

Now, you have read, look at Him in the eye! According to you, who is Master Philippe de Lyon?

And what will you do?
In Christ,

"I forbid you to say what I am."[4]

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