XI - March Forward! ( .pdf )


Warning: The more knowledge you gain, the more responsible for your acts you become, the more you will have to later account for what you did or did not. Therefore, reading what follows is strictly forbidden unless you should have a keen desire to advance spiritually. Backtracking will not be possible.


1) to Keep Going, to March, to Move Forward

As we read Life and Words, we perceive that the verbs to move forward, to march, to keep going and their synonyms are very present. The military vocabulary like the word soldier for example punctuates the text. Master Philippe de Lyon is a dynamical person and by his vivacity, he makes us understand we have to wake up, to begin to march towards God the Father.

(Life and Words Page 44 [1]) : "I have been all over the world to push those that didn't march."

Since the original fall, woman and man, by their choice, had wished to enter duality. God took them at their word. He entrusted us with Good and Evil and it was our job to make Good triumph. In order to learn by experiencing, woman and man were to go through countless ordeals.

(Life and Words Page 194) : "Let us not insult the future in trying to question it for that would mean to insult God. If we were so strong as to be able to see beforehand the ordeals we are to face, we would know the future, but God put a veil before our eyes as He created us and He told us, "march, work, earn your living by the sweat of your brow; be offended, have great troubles; do evil ignorantly so that you should know everything and bear the consequences of your acts and, once your soul is cleared after crossing many pitfalls you will return to me"."

It is also useless to know why a sick has such and such a disease :

(Life and Words Page 293) : "... It's pointless to try knowing why a sick person has such and such disease; the main thing is to march in loving your neighbours; that is all God requests." (16/11/1893)

"After crossing many pitfalls you will return to me," said the Master but to return, there are some conditions :

(Life and Words Page 344) : "You shall reach Heaven when charity doesn't cost you, when you give your strength without your noticing it. But let us start by standing on our legs before wanting to march."

To gain charity, the love of the neighbour, is to want to become better. Yet, we do not become better without struggling for we have to live through many experiences and many mirror experiences to undergo what we have done to others in order to change ourself.

(Life and Words Page 316) : "You all seek to have confidence, faith. You should not seek so. Ask as you might; there is no finding if you don't have charity in your heart. You have to sow the seed of charity and you will reap faith. Charity doesn't consist in giving everything you have, it consists, whatever the act, in not doing to others what you wouldn't want them to do to you. In every act of yours, ask yourself if you would want others to do so to you." (28/12/1894)

(Life and Words Page 305) : "We are here only to struggle; without struggles and sufferings we cannot move forward. We must make efforts to bear everything with patience and resignation; in so doing, the Master will come to our rescue. You must plough a barren field, build a temple on it in three days." (12/02/1895)

And to construct this temple in three days... :

(Life and Words Page 342) : "The easiest way is to cultivate the field of charity: not to bad-mouth others, to know we are here by God's will, that is the main thing; faith grows bigger and in the field grow all the things useful for us to move forward."

(Life and Words Page 229) : "We must march without looking back; we must act even though we are sure of missing the point or of doing a useless thing." (12/09/1893)

(Life and Words Page 304) : "Don't complain, don't let yourself go, march even if it hurts."

Before the difficulties to become a better one, it might be wise to pray. However, be careful, the Catholic Church modified the Pater Noster. Master Philippe de Lyon reminds us that:

(Life and Words Page 279) : "...the genuine soldier who wants to march forward doesn't say: "lead us not into temptation".
These words indeed were never said but these words were, "don't let us yield to temptation". God cannot be the author of our temptations but He allows Satan to tempt us so that we acknowledge that we are nothing without Him. The temptation we stand against is our best working tool."

The day you know who is really Master Philippe de Lyon, everything will become clear...
About the Catholic Church, Heaven claims again that we must not withdraw from the world.

(Life and Words Page 261) : "We must not live in seclusion, not withdraw from society so as not to sin. If you had a field, would you cover it with sand and ashes so that nothing might grow, so that you should not have to pull weeds out? Of course not; Heaven forbids it; on the contrary what Heaven wants is that we put our sandals on, that we take up a stick if we are weak or a sword if we are strong, and that we march forward . But have a sword instead: Ah! you see, on saying that, I am all thrills."

(Answers Page 104) : "We must forgive those that hurt us; those that are suffering go forward and Heaven gives to those that go forward. The soldier facing danger will be rewarded. Those living in convent will not go to Heaven without paying off. What have they done for Heaven? Nothing. Should we throw the stone at them? Of course not. We must endure adversity for them."

That phrase sounds logical to me. Woman is a gateway! A gateway, a stepladder towards Heaven! Without woman, you cannot become incarnated. The purification of the future mother shall entail a purification of her futur children. This was revealed by Christ to Anne Catherine Emmerich and is written in her book. Behold how the feminine is essential to get out of darkness, to march towards God the Father. Yet, women in convent are not allowed to have children... What is more, women can hardly identify with nuns withdrawn from the world, while if they were in the active life, they could be an example for the others. There are certainly other more profound explanations justifying what the Master says. I give you here some lines of thought. As you have noticed over time, this is not an obstacle to the love God feels for them.

(Life and Words Page 222) : "We must always keep marching. When we arrive on the other side, we may stay for a more or less long time, live with our family and friends and in accordance with our ideal. But the best thing is to shake hands with our friends, then to set out again, telling them to come with us.
Once you have done the road, you will not have to go again on where you have been before, but you might ask to come back in order to help the others." (03/03/1902)

Hence the reincarnation... Think hard over it; to come back is the most Christian attitude... Remind of what the Master said :

(Life and Words Page 321) : "We cannot be happy as long as one of our brother is not."

And to help the other, there is one and only lighthouse... the Cross!

(Life and Words Page 106) : "The Cross is a symbol. It has been existing since the beginning of time.
The Cross is here to say, "you shall have trouble, march!"
The Cross is alive.
Science is at the foot of the Cross.
Solace is at the foot of the Cross." (05/03/1902)

Just a remark; you now know that Christ achieved at the same time and in every world what he did 2000 years ago. The Cross existing since the beginning of time, can we suppose He also died on a cross whatever the world He went through? The day we meet another civilization, it would be interesting to know whether they have in their culture, in their past, a being called the Saviour who died on a cross...

(Life and Words Page 342) : "As we are the soldiers of a good and fair master, we don't need to worry, nor yet to hope. We just have to march head-on."

2) We must move forward

Every species must march, must move forward!

(Life and Words Page 168) : "Animals are sorted by classes and into each class by families. And if one of these classes of animals didn't want to march forward, another one would push at it. The same goes for all classes even for us. If a family would get into a rut, another one would push at it for we must march forward." (05/11/1894)

As to our species and our children, the master tells us :

(Life and Words Page 235) : "If you have bad-tempered children, don't beat to punish them for blows embitter their nature. After explaining where their behaviour will lead them and having shown the dangers of the path they are going on, tell them, "March!" And then start to become a better one because, by doing so, you help those around you to become better. One day they will return to you what you have done to them." (05/07/1903)

The last quotation really shows that every species is moving forward. Do not forget that what seems to be lifeless is so in appearance only...

(Life and Words Pages 165-166) : "Species are immutable; with some iron it would be impossible to make silver or gold or, let's say, if iron molecule were subjected to the series of evolutions through the plant and animal kingdoms until it reaches the highest stage iron could get (iron in human blood), however much we managed to make it go artificially through the series of its evolutions until it should turn into a silver molecule, that transformation could not last; it would not be stable. The body would return to its primitive stage of iron, and what is more, we would have slow it down in its actual march by forcing laws of nature and the order of times. A species cannot improve itself except within its own species."

3) What prevents us from marching forward

(Life and Words Page 267) : "We must boast of nothing. When living in pride, we don't move forward much whatever we do; we march on a horizontal or downward line."

(Life and Words Page 304) : "What prevents us from marching, is pride, selfishness and doubt. All we have to do now is make efforts to love our neighbour as ourselves. If we could make it, we would advance in leaps and bounds."

Do not forget that Earth is the room of pride...

4) Conclusion

(Life and Words Page 44) : "You are in my grip and all, you shall march..."

(Life and Words Page 41) : "No one, I assure you, loves you more than me."

Recall that Master Philippe de Lyon confided to some friends of his what follows:

(Answers Page 21): "The beings who will have known me and who will have done nothing with it shall commit suicide at a certain point.

(Answers Page 21): "I forbid you to say what I am."

Above all, do not pray to the Master, he said it to Sédir :

(Answers Page 28) : "No, do not speak to me when praying; directly ask Heaven; I will hear better."

(Life and Words Pages 41-42) : "I don't mind you bear me a grudge; you may not be fond of me at all; I love you for two. What I ask you is but to love your neighbour as much as yourself." (10/06/1894)

Once you are aware of who is actually the Master, everything will become clear...

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