VIII - One Spirit, many bodies, multiplicity within us - Comparison with the Chinese medical tradition ( .pdf )


Warning: The more knowledge you gain, the more responsible for your acts you become, the more you will have to later account for what you did or did not. Therefore, reading what follows is strictly forbidden unless you should have a keen desire to advance spiritually. Backtracking will not be possible.


1) Several Worlds

What runs below, again I am aware of it, is beyond most of people's open-mindedness. Here again, you keep your free will, but it could be sensible to open your mind to what Master Philippe de Lyon says in order to think over the living with hindsight.

The Gospel teaches us there are many rooms in the house of God the Father. A room, an apartment, is a world as ours.

(Life and Words Page 146 [1]) : " We are in a very backward world; there are worlds where the last inhabitant is more advanced than the first one of our planet." (04/01/1895)

(Life and Words Page 175) : "Man was created on Earth and on many other Earths for it must not be fancied that the Earth stands alone; just as there are several heavens and that has been so since before the Creation." (21/11/1894)

You should hear that our Earth is not unique and that life also exists on other planets. Likewise, many heavens exist implying that even in Heaven, there are many rooms. Master Philippe de Lyon claims [2] that there is a room higher than the others he calls the living room of God. None is allowed to come in.
The Earth is an apartment as well... and this apartment has a name :

(Life and Words Page 266) : "We are in the dwelling of pride and we have to deceive the keeper to get out; it's we who lead us astray."

That is why we are asked to put our pride under our feet!

Long before Einstein's theory of relativity, Master Philippe de Lyon said to us :

(Life and Words Page 142) : "Time doesn't exist on the other side and is not one and the same in every world. In some, an hour lasts years and in others, years last an hour." (10/01/1894)

I experienced a situation in another world in which some seconds there lasted about three earthly hours... from 6 am to 9 am for information. I was in a kind of unusual light sleep and I was aware of being in two bodies simultaneously, into my earthly body and into another one...

(Life and Words Page 142) : "In other planets time is different from ours. Neither time nor space are absolute; they are different from a world to another. For example, in some planets I've been, a night lasts a century of our earthly time; all lasts longer : man's life, duration of respiration and so on. A log for the fire burns up in twenty five years. Woods are of fir or akin to fir; houses scattered in the woods; cities don't exist. Three logs last a night or a century. So, beings of these planets can, for some of them, come here and experience an earthly human life during their sleep. Should the sleep be short, should time over there be shorter, this explains lives severed in a sudden way, children abruptly called back from Earth."

A parallel should be drawn between this quotation and the next one :

(Life and Words Page 219) : " A birth requires a death. However, there are fellows, considered as alive, who are already dead; some old people in their second childhood for example. Their souls are already used elsewhere."

For example, I saw my grandmother passing away long before her physical death in the clinical sense of the word...
What matters is that a birth requires a death. You should understand death in the broad sense. A soundly sleep is also a kind of death and while sleeping, you go out of your body!
When I was practicing meditation, we got up everyday at 4 am. Once, at dawn, long before the alarm went off, Heaven granted me to see what was going on. Suddenly, ahead of me, I saw, from the outside, my earthly body, lifeless, asleep, as if it were dead. More precisely, I saw my left hand side. I was a kind of light, as a comet dashing to the body in front of it. This ligth paquet targeted the heart and was going through my left torso. The more I was going into my body, the more my conscience was opening inside my body -- while being outside as well -- and the more I could see my eyelids gradually opening. That reminded me the quantum decoherence phenomenon I had studied at Université de Physique d'Orsay in Paris. I was gradually passing from this wave paquet of light reminding me of a comet into a state of matter in my earthly body. As I was coming in, I could see my eyelids opening inch by inch, somewhat as if one has a fast-forward vision of a flower blooming up. My body was also passing through a sequence of wave states while my eyelids were opening. The process was happening very fast and very slow at the same time. It is difficult to explain; but you should begin to understand that during the night, we go out! And that may be very subtle.

Figure 1: During the night, we may go out to other incarnations...

We have shown here an entanglement of three incarnations during successive nights spent in three different world[3]. This is an example and it is possible to experience nights simpler than others. Anyway, this would explain that before getting up some mornings we feel the intimation of having dreamt incoherent things as if everything were mixed up, jumbled together in what is left of memories on waking. You should begin to understand that your incarnation is not unique. We surely come from different worlds where time is longer, allowing us thereby to experience a lifetime on Earth. For example, some may come from a world we call purgatory here below...

(Life and Words Page 142) : "The time we spend on this Earth is extremely short; it's a second or so in comparison with our lifetime son other planets. There are planets in which lifetime lasts thousands of years, and others in which the more we live the younger we grow[4]. That accounts for what has been said: there are several dwellings in the house of God." (11/06/1894)

Planets in which lifetimes last thousand of years... Would the purgatory be one of these?

(Life and Words Page 218) : "We return along with the passions we have not fought. When back, we have the same face as in the previous incarnation; we can change ourselves only on Earth."

By using the technology to compare photos, it could be interesting, for the nonbelievers, to carry out an experiment a priori over many centuries in order to bring out the phenomenon of reincarnation on Earth! Have a look at page 195.

(Life and Words Page 176) : "We are on Earth for a very short time for we have a good deal of dwellings to live in. Life on each planet is proportional to the size of the planet..."

2) One Spirit, several bodies!

In these quotations, I have highlighted important passages in bold to get you wondered. Observe how Master Philippe de Lyon proceeds to have us ponder over subjects which sound like utterly unthinkable to us. You should always analyse his phrases for he drops hints on what we are.

Therefore, you should set firmly in your mind that beings living on these planets whose time is much longer than ours may get incarnated, take a mortal coil, to experience a lifetime in order to loose in our world what they bound in the past, that is, to pay off their debts.

Let us underline again that we have several lifetimes in some worlds different from ours since the Master tells us that the time we spend on Earth is very short compared to our lifetime on other planets. This implies we would be experiencing several lifetimes in parallel as explained in Figure 1.

Our one and only spirit is thus shared into several bodies. A priori one body in each world we have been living in except for higher beings as John and John the Baptist. Remind that the spirit of Elijah animated these two beings on this very planet Earth.

3) What about dreams?

Have you not ever had memories of dreams you were living to the full that they looked like real to you?
What would a being say on waking as he has been living on a planet whose time is longer, so long that a night there amouts to an earthly lifetime here? What would such a being say on waking just after he has been living an incarnation on Earth, thus just after dying? That he has dreamt? That he remotely remembers having done this and that? How will he interpret what he has experienced on Earth, the few memories he has been left? Suppose he came from the purgatory and he has passed a lifetime on Earth. Perhaps, he remotely remember to have read texts about the Saviour, to have met fellows who have talked to him. On waking, he might say, "How weird, I recollect that someone has revealed to me that..." and he will move on, trapped in his life on the planet he is, in this illusion he thinks to be real. Yet, inch by inch, he shall become aware of the existence of a transcendant being he has to meet again. That is why Master Philippe stated :

(Life and Words Page 97) : "There are thousands of worlds like the Earth and what occurred here two thousand years ago Christ achieved it everywhere at the same time." (03/03/1902)

Therefore, even in the purgatory, the Light of the Cross shines...

And what about us when we are dreaming? By analogy, we have spent an incarnation elsewhere and we have but remote memories left on waking. There are fellows who often dream of the same places, who have already crossed into here and there, who can exactly describe the paths they have gone by. They must have experienced several incarnations. Others have messages coming from beyond...
Master Philippe de Lyon claims :

(Life and Words Page 198) : "In our dreams we take responsibility; the acts we commit in some countries will have to be paid off in these very countries. But the sufferings we feel therein are taken into account as well. Recollect what has been written: whatever has been bound here has to be loosed here."

(Life and Words Page 198) : "Dreaming is an illusion, and yet it's real. A plane will come in which everything will be real, in which the whole reality will vanish, and we will fancy we have dreamt." (10/05/1904)

We end this section by the three following remarks :

(Life and Words Page 198) : "We are not so pure as to interpret our dreams." (May 1904)

(Life and Words Page 189) : "Beings were created with the need to learn for they knew nothing." (05/03/1902)

(Life and Words Page 189) : "No one can go to Heaven unless he knows everything. We must therefore know everything; the worlds lost[5] in space as well as ours. We will therefore have to go there unless God frees us from that burden. Our spirit, in developing itself, will be able to stretch to those worlds and to live in."

Which proves, once more time, that our spirit is one, that it may develop itself and spread itself over other worlds in which it needs a suitable body to live in. That is how the spirit learns.

4) With bodies different from ours?

In these different worlds, bodies might be different from ours. There are bodies which look like those of our earthly animals.

(Life and Words Page 146) : "There is an infinite number of worlds apart from ours in which creatures have animals shapes of our world. Yet, these animals are much more high-ranking, much more intelligent than most of men nowadays. They have a soul identical to ours and are made, as we are, in soul, mind and body, in the image of God. They know things we are unaware of and we know things they are unaware of... Our soul can pass into them[6], and theirs into us; but usually, it's in the world we have incurred debts that we go to pay them off. Only free souls may go as they please, in these worlds as in ours, spend an incarnation to accomplish a mission or to set an example."

A question : Would some of these animals much higher than us be totem, animal guides and protectors we may contact?

Recall that in my online testimony, I was brought to Kingdom's door by a white unicorn guided by a huge cross of Light ahead. She could speak and we talked to each other. Yet, before turning herself into a unicorn to go up to the Kingdom, she was a white winged horse, a kind of Pegasus! I was shown this animal in January 2012 in a vision Christ had sent to me before I met her a month later.
I know someone, who does not want to be mentioned, who saw a cyclop panther much bigger than our two eyes earthly panther. She, too, could speak; her voice was very deep. That exists but, again, everything depends on your ability to open your mind.
Remind we cannot neither create anything except if it exists on the other side nor imagine anything without God's permission. Therefore, the animals from mythology, whatever culture we come from, do exist and they showed up before some of us. This has been feeding our imagination but in no way it is science fiction. The question you should ask is why do some have access to them and not the others?

We finish with animals by a major remark :

(Life and Words Page 170) : "I feel sorry for those that would harm an animal for do you think this animal is not also animated by something else than by matter? Mark my word : do know that on a higher planet we shall be, in turn, the animals of that planet but unlike the animals of ours we will be able to speak." (06/05/1897)

(Life and Words Page 146) : "Everywhere, there are good beings mixed with bad ones, everywhere a unique Being as the creator of all things is acknowledged."

(Life and Words Page 247) : "Everything we have done will be turned back on us; a hair for a hair..."

See it is high time we thought again over the way we have been industrializing animals in these inhuman farms in which holocausts are being done...

5) Many a being in us

We think that the neighbour and we are two different fellows; It is part right yet part wrong as well!

(Life and Words Page 42) : "Should you feel what I am feeling, you would feel we are but one."

(Life and Words Page 121) : "Science thinks it knows and it knows nothing; those that think they know something are, by their knowledge, but to lead to negation. We think we know and we know nothing, we think we see and we see nothing.
We think we are one and there are several beings within us; we think we have our free will and we don't have it; we think we have a thought, we think we act on our own and we are influenced by all the beings that are with us..." (May 1895)

This phrase has not a pretty sound when we still are in the illusion; yet it is quite right. Observe that many a time, not to say always, the Master uses we instead of you which would be too direct. Indeed remarks He says about us can in no way apply to Him.

There are really many a being in us. We have been undergoing their influence and this has an effect on the little free will we are left of. I recall that this free will consists in accepting or in refusing the photographic negatives sent either by Heaven or by darkness. I refer the reader to our article about photographic negatives.

Science has shown that bacteria, hence living beings, in our intestines could change our behaviours. After a transplant operation, transplanted persons were surprised to do things they were not used to do, in particular after a heart transplantation. We perceive that in our cells and our organs there are subtler things than we might have thought.

From my tiny experience, I have noticed that this went much further on. I practiced by then the Vipassana meditation. It is a meditation created by Buddha. Should you want to have a try, beware NOT TO take refuge in him but to take refuge in Christ. It is a major move! If you have read my articles, you should now have a very strong hunch about the true name of the Archangel who, by getting incarnated on Earth, was called Buddha. At that time, I was not aware of what I was doing. This meditation is a very effective one to say the least. Even if your free will prevails, start to realize what you are doing. Personally, I stopped practicing it.

When I was practicing this very advanced meditation, I had slowed down my body so much that I could feel my blood circulation at times, see inside my lungs; they looked like bags blowing as I was taking air in. I was paying a great attention to what was going on into my body. That day, people training us for meditation had made a very light lunch with a chocolate cake cut in small pieces as dessert. I am fond of good food, by all accounts. At once my eyes were drawn by the chocolate cake and behold : a black greyish shape, body-like, went out of me, out of my chest; I saw it! It barged out of me to take over the chocolate cake with so powerful a force than on going out, it made me step forward towards the chocolate cake though I had not decided anything of the sort. I refused to go further on and the greyish shape vanished. This experience baffled me a lot.

I mention this experience to warn you that, into the flesh, your spirit is not the only one to decide. There are also other beings, whose existence you do not suspect, coming from the flesh which steer you without your being aware of it.
The flesh is hard to subdue. It may make you do things against your will...

What I experienced made me consider things otherwise. The next paragraph is just the opportunity to put forward an hypothesis. Many a time, I was questioned about homosexuality and the Church; "what about you Christian, what do you make of it...?" My answer is more a line of thought than anything else.

Here it is : remind that reincarnation is real, that we have spent thousand of lifetimes before that one according to Master Philippe de Lyon. You should also know that we may explore either male or female bodies (I knew two psychic women who remembered having existed on Earth each as a man). The Master also asserts in Life and Words on page 219 that : "... if a man has, during an incarnation, committed a crime against a woman for example he will return as a woman to suffer the same affront and the same crime he committed in the past..." This shows we may rebirth into a male or into a female body.

Suppose now that a person had lived into a female body during many successive lifetimes just before that one. Once got incarnated, the reflex of her flesh is to fetch a male body to love.

Suppose now this person accepts, before getting incarnated, to live in a male body for personal reasons. Since we get our body back in this incarnation according to Master Philippe de Lyon, once into his body, his flesh recovers the reflexes it had before and pushes him to go towards male bodies. As I did with the chocolate cake, his flesh will steer him to do things against what he had planned initially, that is, to explore his masculine part and not his feminine part. Here he is, typecast as a homosexual according to our earthly words.

This line of thought has crossed my mind from what I had experienced but also from an experience I have had in Germany as I held a postdoctoral position in Greifswald (2003-2004). During my stay, I was living in a huge house offering large rooms by way of apartments. A couple of homosexual men ran the business. They got on so swimmingly with me that they had invited me to come for diner at home. Something in them got me puzzled but I did not know what.
In the course of a great family lunch I was invited to, one of the man offered a large bouquet of flowers to the other which suddenly made me realize. I was spontaneously caught by their gaze. The gaze looked like that of a loving woman whom you are offering flowers. They were female beings into male bodies!

Much later on, I had a young woman among my clients as I was acupuncturist. She was not homosexual but clearly had a problem with her feminity. She did not accept her body, had no bust and hair cut short like a man. It was in the course of an acupuncture session that I understood. Once again, the woman's gaze caught my attention. It was a boy's gaze in a female body...

What if homosexuality or the difficulty to live into our body in this incarnation marked the transition between a series of past lives into a female body (respectively, a male one) and an incarnation into a male body (respectively, a female one)?
This transition ought to be done naturally but there might be bodies in which flesh is stronger than the spirit living in, the more so if this facet of sexuality is involved. Beings from the flesh would force the spirit living in to get some of past habits back; habits the spirit had in past lives.

You should know that before being born, you have the two genders. If the genitals goes down, you will be a boy, if not you will be a girl. Hence, the body you take back from an incarnation to the next might turn either into a male one or into a female one. Note that beings may be born without their having been able to make a choice, or their having known how to make a choice, before getting incarnated and come to the world with the two genders. That would not be so rare according to experts. Things are subtle and it does not sound silly to put this hypothesis forward.

6) Many a being in us according to the Chinese medical tradition

Very long ago, experts from the Chinese medical tradition and some Taoists also claimed there were many a being in us. They claim these beings are demons. The ideogram used by the Chinese to name demons is the ideogram Gui. The Chinese medical tradition also claims that spirits are associated with organs. For the liver, spirits are called Hun and for the lung, spirits are called Pò. Observe that ideograms Hun and Pò are made up of ideogram Gui meaning demon.

Ideograms Gui, Hun And Pò.

Therefore, demons lies in us. We are made up of these demons but also of pure divine light. As Master Philippe de Lyon says, God entrusted us with Good and Evil; it is up to us to make Good triumph!

Let us go further into the discoveries made by these experts[7] who came down to Earth long long ago. Recall that Qi means breath, energy.

Zhang Jie Bin in the Lei Jing (Classic of difficulties) says, "At the conception of a being, at the beginning, (there is) a transmutation and a transformation which turns into shape. The spirit of this shape is called Pò. Naturally, in Pò lies a Qi; Hun is its name."

The spirit and the soul must unite with the shape to take flesh, to become incarnated. This flesh, this shape is animated by Pò. When this greyish shape, drawn by the chocolate cake, barged out of my chest and made me step forward against my will, it was a demon coming from Pò which went out of my body. Remind that Pò is associated with the Lung and that ideogram Gui is part of ideogram Pò. Gui refers to demons.

Wang Chong in the Lun Heng (Critical Essay) says, "On dying, man becomes demons (Gui) , (...) demons are able to kill people."

Note that a lot of disembodied wander about after death...
We need shape, flesh to become incarnated. Hence the necessity to turn these Gui (demons) into Light as fast as you can.

The Su Wen claims that Pò is stored into the Lung. Let us quote some consequences on health. The Ling Shu, on chapter 54, reveals that the Lung Qi (energy) of an old person being weak, Pò parts and because of that, words are easily mixed up when speaking.
No need to be old. To have a serious lung disease might often get you stumped for words because Pò is hit. That is also confirmed by Zhu Xi, the ability to remember and to distinguish depends on Pò. Chen Ying Ning claimed that visual and auditory acuities were the business of Pò as well. Therefore, we need Pò to live. Su Dong Po added, "Jing Qi is Pò; Pò is made up of Gui". Jing is the purer Yin essence. For men, sperm is a part of Jing, hence it is crucial to keep it in. We also learn that sperm is affected by Gui. That is why Joachim, the father, according to the flesh, of the Blessed Virgin Mary got a divine light ray on the genitals before the conception. This has been already explained in my online testimony.

In the Tai Yi Jin Hua Zong Zhi, it is said, "Pò is Yin, inward and cloudy is its Qi; it is attached to the shape (i.e. to the bodies) and to the desirs of the world (of the flesh)."

You need Pò to become incarnated. Yet, this Pò needs to be turned into good for it is made up of demons attached to desires and may make you do things against your will. Do not forget what Master Philippe de Lyon said, "we return along with the passions we have not fought", hence with the Gui we have not turned into Light. Addictions, for instance, have their root in these Gui. God does not punish; He needs not punish for what happens to us is the logical consequence of our past deeds... in other words, the Gui you do not bring under control will take care to tackle you.

Therefore, be aware that more or less powerfull demons, necessary for your rebirth, lie in you and that they are able to stand in your way. Tradition claims that Pò is made up of seven demons. These are the main ones. The Yun Ji Qi Qian called these main demons : Dog Corpse (Shi Gou), Hidden Debauchery (Fu Shi), Occult Sparrow (Que Yin), Gluttonous Monster (Tun Zei), Evil Fish (Fei Du), Litter Cleaner (Chu Hui) and Stinking Lung (Chou Fei).

I cannot confirm the names of these beings. But what about these greyish shape attracted by the chocolate cake? Would it be a sort of Tun Zei (Gluttonous Monster)?

Further, we have seen that Pò is associated with the flesh, with the shape and with the Lung. On the contrary, Hun is associated with the Liver. The Liver stores the Hun the Su Wen says. The Tai Qinq Zhong Huang Zhen Jing explains,

"Hun is generated by the Celestial Sphere, Pò is generated by the Earth."

Remind that ideogram Gui (demons...) is part of ideogram Hun. Yet, Hun is more luminous than Pò. For the Chinese, Hun is affected by Gui as well. For the Christian, our luminous part had also been tarnished by demons. You now understand how different it is to have a body of flesh coming from Earth, hence associated with Hun, with Pò and with Gui and to have a body not coming from Earth as Christ had, that is, to have a pur body.

The Tai Yi Jin Hua Zong Zhi explains,

"Hun lies in the celestial heart, [it is] Yang, his brightness is delicate and clear, it naturally comes from the great void (Tai Xu), it has the same form than the original beginning."

Once again, remind that ideogram Gui (demons...) is part of ideogram Hun. Observe too that the Chinese of that time spoke of a great void contrary to the Christian. You should not be surprised for Master Philippe de Lyon reports that Heaven had been closed for 6000 years before Jesus' birth and that Jesus opened it. It concretely means that even with meditations gone to extremes, Chinese experts were not allowed to go beyong this Tai Xu (great void) they felt as an ultimate state. For the Christian, this great void is no more; it is filled with the presence of God the Father.

Further, Hun is associated with three Yang main spirits. The Yun Ji Qi Qian, for instance, gives names and actions of these main spirits :

"Tai Guang (Fetal Light) prolongs life, Bai Shuang Ling (White Quiet Spirit) improves the luck, You Jing (Peaceful Essence) rejects death (...) In a human body, there are three Hun, they are called the three fortunes. One governs fate, one governs wealth and the luck, one governs the decrease of misfortunes."

But also,

"The three Hun protects the spirit, [thereby] the seven Pò cannot crush it."

Again, the Yun Ji Qi Qian explains,

"Hun desires man to live; Pò desires man to die."

Once more, we are still in this duality Demons/Heaven which manifests itself in man by Pò/ Hun for the Chinese of that distant time. This duality, this fight is highlighted by the Xing Ming Gui Zhi,

"By day, Hun lies in the eyes; by night, Pò lies in the liver... We dream a lot when Pò controls Hun. We can perceive a lot when Hun defeats Pò."

When Pò (the demons part) controls Hun (the more luminous part), we dream a lot. But when Hun (the more luminous part) controls Pò (the demons part) we perceive a lot, that is, we begin to have access to the subtle, to the hidden things...

This duality Hun / Pò is also a complementarity. In man, an interaction between these two sort of spirits exists. One needs the other and conversely. The Lei Jing (Classical of Difficulties) completes our knowledges :

"Hun is the radiance of Pò; Pò is the root of Hun (...) These two things are bound together. Jing is piling up, then Pò is piling up; Qi is piling up then Hun is piling up; this produces a human body."

The two are really bound together and one makes the other go either to darkness or to the Ligth. The Li Ji (on Chapter 11) adds,

"(On dying) Hun and Qi go back to the Celestial Sphere; the body and Pò go back to the Earth."

Master Philippe de Lyon claims we will have to give Earth back the body it has lent to us... He also adds we must not be cremated.

The Zhu Zi Quan Shu says :

"While dying, a warm Qi goes up then out; that is called the ascent of Hun. The lower part of the body gradually becomes colder; that is called the descent of Pò."

I had asked Thomas, a friend of mine, to pay a close attention during his hospital training period as he would care for an end-of-life patient. The opportunity arose soon after we talked each other. That day, he was holding the hands of a dying man. He felt, the words are his, something which was moving out of the body as if sucked up. Thomas was compelled to let his hands go for he felt as if he was about to be aspirated and go off with him.

Let us summarize. To be incarnated, you need a body. Our spirit constructs it by interacting with some Gui, some demons. We therefore have both Light and demons in us. Heaven and darkness send us photographic negatives to make us move either in the side of the Light or in the side of darkness. Our very slim free will consists in either accepting or not these photographic negatives. Of course, Gui are more receptive to darkness and lead you to where you do not want to go and the Light within you, the Hun side, is more receptive to the divine Light and try to lead you to where Gui do not want to go. In doing so, darkness is or is not turned into Light. That is why some are ahead and others are behind in the work God has entrusted to each, that work consisting in turning your part of darkness into Light, in making Good triumph over Evil. That is why Christ has descended : to show us the path. The original sin was to enter this dual world Good versus Evil. Our pride was to believe we could make it alone, on our own, without any help. That is why we have been incarnated on Earth. As Master Philippe de Lyon says : "you are on Earth, it's you who lead you astray". You think you are perceiving, to put it nicely, the mess we are in. Believe me, you are wide of the mark!

Let us go further! The Quan Zhen Ji Xuan Mi Yao provides a meaningful detail :

"Zhen, it is the dragon, it is Hun. Dui, it is the tiger, it is Pò."

This means that Pò is subservient to a spiritual power the Chinese of that time called Tiger and that Hun, our luminous side, which came from Heaven, is subservient to the spiritual power of the dragon. Remind that ideogram Gui (demons) is a part of ideogram Hun!

As I was saying my daily chapelet, I experienced something which baffled me a lot. A very deep voice, from beyond the grave, went out of my liver! It came from something which had swiftly moved. I felt as if something was snaking away. While I was saying my chapelet, with a deep voice, this thing had let out a : "Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit: As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen." It let it out, I think, resignedly, as if it was not able to hold the position it had within me. That gave me a huge relief spreading from the liver, as if the liver was deeply releasing.
See how the medical Chinese tradition has hit the nail on the head :
First this greyish shape going out of the chest, the Lung, a part of Pò, next this thing from the Liver, a part of Hun subservient to the dragon so far.

Yet, in Christianity, the Dragon, or the Snake, embodies the devil. You are therefore perceiving that your Hun, your light part is subservient to a being called Dragon. So subservient to him, that Asian people have worshiped and still worship the Dragon. It would be terribly naive to believe that the dragon in Christianity and the one in the Asian culture are two different beings. Remind we are living on the same planet Earth!

So subservient to him, that the Dragon has beeing molding them into their cultures. That is why it is difficult, for we Christian who are beginning to free ourselves from this stranglehold, to make our sisters and our brothers be aware of the trap they got into, as we did, since the original sin. Remind my testimony; I saw the one called the devil mainly in a snake shape, but aslo in a dragon shape, in particular as I was travelling through Vietnam. The Devil has marked every being in their culture, in what they deeply are. The Western culture has not escaped from him either, let alone the Catholic Church. The Arabic culture has also suffered from him. That is why their writing snakes! That is why the call of the muezzin echoes in us. As I wrote it down, on December 27th 2013, at dawn, the muezzin began to sing while I had been saying my chapelet for a while. And while I was saying my chapelet, the muezzin was calling, calling and calling... And I saw...

I know how unthinkable, unbearable it is and that mankind bogged down in its pride will have difficulty in listening. How many centuries, how many milleniums of sufferings, of wars between us, how many thousands of reincarnations, mankind will need at last to admit it has been directed by a power who thinks he is God, who keeps all of us under control via photographic negatives he sends to us?
That hatred does not make any sense; it is there only for arouse your ego and think you are above the others while we are nothing. It is not the Jew, the Muslim, the Christian, the Buddhist, the Shintoist, the Unbeliever, or the Infidel we have to fight, but the spiritual powers which hold their spirit captive and which manipulate them!

You do perceive now that God does not need to punish us. Should you not go to the Light, He will withdraw His protection. And these spiritual powers which are but an unthinkable gigantic wall of Hatred will have just to crush you. Hence the suffering! Hence this phrase from Master Philippe de Lyon we have already quoted : "what you are experiencing is just a difficulty logically bound to your previous acts."

That is why John the Baptist said in the Gospel of Matthew 3-2 :

"Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near."

What is a Christian? Someone, like you, who at a point of one of these past lives has had the strength to repent.
Is he better than most of us? In general he is not, although he should be so if he followed the message of the Gospel. He has just made a decisive move towards the liberation. That is why, you and I, we have still a good deal of work to do to become better and to purify ourselves.

(Life and Words Page 338) : "It was said, "out of the Church, no salvation". That is true. But the Church is universal; the Church is charity. Out of charity, no salvation." (17/02/1902)

"All religions will merge into one; that of charity." (13/01/1897)

Let us end with what Master Philippe de Lyon confided to some friends of his:

(Answers Page 21): "The beings who will have known me and who will have done nothing with it shall commit suicide at a certain point.

(Answers Page 21): "I forbid you to say what I am."

Above all, do not pray to the Master, he said it to Sédir :

(Answers Page 28) : "No, do not speak to me when praying; directly ask Heaven; I will hear better."

(Life and Words Pages 41-42) : "I don't mind you bear me a grudge; you may not be fond of me at all; I love you for two. What I ask you is but to love your neighbour as much as yourself." (10/06/1894)

Once you are aware of who is actually the Master, everything will become clear...

[1] The books Life and Words and Answers from Master Philippe are available into English on our website. We have left the French original pagination here and inside our translations for a better search optimisation.

[2] Life And Words Page 94.

[3] Things are obviously more subtle, however you may remind of the film : Inception if it helps to make these ideas more concrete.
Everything here cannot be here except if that exists in the hereafter. What you think to be science fiction is not.

[4] Does not this recall you the film : The Curious Case of Benjamin Button?
Everything here cannot be here except if that exists in the hereafter. What you think to be science fiction is not.

[5] John... John Chapas in this incarnation, confirmed that Atlantis had existed...

[6] To make the explanation more concrete, think of the James Cameron's movie Avatar... Everything here cannot be here except if that exists in the hereafter. What you think to be science fiction is not.

[7] Quotations in Chinese language are drawn from a medicine class of Philippe Sionneau. Translations from Chinese into French were also made by Philippe Sionneau.