VII - One God and the Trinity ( .pdf )


Warning: The more knowledge you gain, the more responsible for your acts you become, the more you will have to later account for what you did or did not. Therefore, reading what follows is strictly forbidden unless you should have a keen desire to advance spiritually. Backtracking will not be possible.


1) Uniqueness and Trinity

A question we all have asked is :

God is one. Sure! Then, why are there three Gods in the Christian Trinity : The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit?

Those against Christ, most of people on Earth in fact, use this misunderstanding to leave a nagging doubt in people's heart.

Answering that question is not an easy task and all will depend upon your ability to grasp abstract things. Again, let us listen to Master Philippe de Lyon. The quotations are from Life and Words by Alfred Haehl.

(Page 96 [1]) : "Spiritism also believes that Jesus is a wise man, a scholar who had, through his work, climbed to the top of the ladder, and that we, too, will be able to make it by working. This is a serious mistake. We will never make it for our Lord Jesus-Christ has never ceased to be God.

(Page 96) : "Believe that Christ is God and that He is resuscitated. Don't follow those saying the opposite.
I highly state that He is God and that, in truth, whatever the Father who is God wants, the Son who is God wants it as well because whatever the Son wants is what the Father wants." (16/07/1896)

The Master claims Jesus is God. It is true! But how to explain that the Father and the Son, a priori two different beings should be actually one and only being?
In mathematics, what is discussed here is FUNDAMENTAL!!! It refers to the notion of isomorphism already discussed in my testimony. If you have handled by then this major notion in algebra, then you can already perceive what Trinity is : God up to isomorphism of structures!

For those being put off mathematics, let us try to give a concrete example to better understand the concept.
Suppose a majestic king dressed in a great royal garment with a crown on his head and with every attribute of monarchy. Everyone seing him would say, "here is the king".
Imagine now the same person without his attributes of monarchy with a garment which could looks like, in our eyes, very modest as the common run of people have. He would melt into the crowd without no one, but a few, being able to recognize him. What would people say? Here is a man, but he cannot be the king.
We all have a preconceived picture of what someone should be, this explains how difficult it is to move forward. Master Philippe de Lyon adds :

(Page 195) : "The body is the spirit's coat and is used to veil it." (07/08/1900)

AHave you understand the parallel? God with his divine garment, sitting on His Throne, is the picture of God everyone has. Indeed, I can say this is also a representation of his. But God with a garment made of flesh looking for us like our own garment of flesh, like our own body, cannot be God for the human mind, at least for most of us. It is unthinkable to many.
And who on Earth forbade God to change garment? Since God can do anything, could he not change garment if this pleases Him?

This change of garment is again highlighted in the Gospel of John:

(John 14-8) : Philip said, "Lord, show us the Father and that will be enough for us."

Jesus answered Philip the apostle,

"Don't you know me, Philip, even after I have been among you such a long time? Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father."

God with a garment of flesh which, in our eyes, looks like our own body is called in this world : Jesus Christ.

Why veil the spirit then? It is vital to veil the spirit by a garment of flesh; for us as for Christ. Remind that your spirit and your soul are taken captive, in part or in full, and that we are but fallen angels. Should God show himself in front of you without garment, without being deliberately veiled, even though you would not, you would deny Him for the forces of darkness, which are stronger than you for the moment, would try their best for that. But then, your denial would lead to your downfall because the Light you have turned down would withdraw from you[2], since free will prevails. You would sink into darkness and suffering while you do anything with all you can to escape from them. Whereas if God shows himself veiled with a garment of flesh and if everything is done by to believe or not to believe what have been said, then, should you be still in doubt, the divine hand remains held out since the thick fog[3] preventing you from reasoning clearly hinder then your free will as well. That is why it is vital to grasp His hand as swift as you may and that is why Christ said to Thomas the apostle :

"Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed."

The Gospel says there are many rooms in the house of the Father. Let us listen to the Master :

(Page 97) : "There are thousands of worlds like the Earth and what occurred here two thousand years ago Christ achieved it everywhere at the same time." (03/03/1902)

An appartement is a world! "at the same time" Master Philippe de Lyon says to us!

(Page 97) : "When our Lord Jesus-Christ moves to another dwelling He also changes his features and takes a body and a face matching people's He visits in that dwelling." (02/05/1895)

A dwelling is a world too! Therefore, God takes a different garment for every dwelling He visists, a garment in line with the garment of the beings living in that world.

Beware of the logical errors you will do once you will have read this text. I repeat it to you the body of Christ, which looks like ours in every respect, has nothing to do with ours. This is a major thing to grasp. Master Philippe de Lyon insists on that point :

(Life and Words Page 97) : "The material body of Christ was the very Word of God. So He wasn't from earth. God had said, "I shall send you a Messiah". It had to be so, and thus, those saying Jesus was a man and had passed through intermediate stages of development are in the wrong."

Well then, how does God proceed to change garment? I will not be able to answer this question, yet we can picture the thing with what the Bible says about Elijah.

2) Elijah and John : What the spirit can do

What follows has already been discussed in details in the text titled Reincarnation and Resurrection, however it is so major an aspect that we discuss it once more so that you should perceive how subtle the things of the spirit are!

Remind what Master Philippe de Lyon tells us :

(Life and Words Page 178) : "Many a time, one spirit animates two bodies particularly for very advanced beings. So, when the brain of one of them is working a lot it overflows while the other one is filling. Then, while the first one is pondering, the other one may send ideas to it. That was how the spirit of John animated John the Baptist, that was how this very spirit came before John as Elijah in a body of light."

It is more than likely that John and John the Baptist were not aware of this fact and that John did not understand while he was becoming a witness of the transfiguration of Christ that the spirit in the form of Elijah in light before him was filling him with life as well.

The spirit can therefore share itself and animate several bodies. This is also confirmed in the Bible.

(Bible King 2: 9-12): "Elijah said to Elisha, "Ask what I shall do for you before I am taken from you." And Elisha said, "Please, let a double portion of your spirit be upon me." He said, "You have asked a hard thing. Nevertheless, if you see me when I am taken from you, it shall be so for you; but if not, it shall not be so." As they were going along and talking, behold, there appeared a chariot of fire and horses of fire which separated the two of them. And Elijah went up by a whirlwind to heaven..."

As Elisha saw Elijah went up to Heaven in a chariot of fire, a double portion of Elijah's spirit must have been given to him...

Résumé sur l'Esprit d'Elie.

Behold : As Elijah and Elisha could have access to these mystical dimensions, in particular the share of the spirit, since a share of the spirit of Elijah, a double share the Bible says, could have been given to Elisha, as Elijah and Elisha could have access to that; what about God creator of everything? Could he not share himself as well? Could he not animate several bodies without no one, but a few, being aware of that?
Could he not come back on Earth, take another body almost as ours this time and not the body he had 2000 years ago making himself known under the name of Jesus? Does not The Gospel say that Christ, thus God, will not leave us as orphans?

Come on! Why God, who can anything, could He not do that? Because that goes beyond your wit? Because that is beyond your imagination? You cannot mean it! Believe me, God can really do anything and I am far from being the one to say so.

I insist : The spirit can share itself and animate several bodies! Each time God shares his spirit, He puts this share in a body in line with what he has planned to do. Two thousand years ago, God put this share of spirit in a body of flesh very different from ours which grew in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary. He was called the Son of God. Son, since the body of flesh had come from a womb[4]. Therefore Christ and God are one... even though They are living in two different bodies. Christ is the most visible part, the most known part of God.

3) Various manifestations of God

Note what follows :

I) God... but with his garment of Light and sitting on His Throne. His name : I am or God the Father. Very few are those that could have access to this divine manifestation and only Moses, as far as I know, had access to the Father in a body of fire, another garment again, when God appeared to him in a flame blazing in the middle of a bush.

II) God... but in the garment of flesh he had 2000 years ago, which IS NOT a garment of flesh as we have. HIS NAME : Jesus Christ. Not many are those that may have access to Him. That is why Christ says in the Gospel of John 20-17 :
"...I am ascending to My Father and your Father, to My God and your God."
Meaning He is ascending to the One animating is body of flesh who is but God Himself.

III) God... but with ANOTHER garment coming from earth this time, in a body almost in every respect the same as we have... On no account He may call Himself Christ since his garment of flesh is different. He must therefore bear another name...

(Life and Words Page 280) : "What makes God not hear the prayers of all those that pray is not that He is far from them but that they are far from Him; for He is everywhere."

4) On a Point of Logic

When making a reasoning, as in mathematics for example, we use axioms. Axioms are unproven statements taken to be true everyone agrees with. So obvious are these axioms for us that nobody cares for them. Yet, when we are working on mystical texts, it might be wise to spot in our reasonings, the axioms, the truths tacitely taken to be granted from which we are building our argumentation. In many a case, we are on the wrong track because of these axioms, because of these truths tacitely granted, which hold in this world we are in, remind this world is an illusion, but cease to be true in what we call here below the mysticism, in particular in the Christian Mysticism.

Let us quote a well-known axiom : the principle of excluded middle. The principle of excluded middle states that a proposition is either true or the negation of that proposition is true. No third possibility is given. The principle of excluded middle is at the root of reductio ad absurdum. This axiom is accepted in classical mathematics yet it has been rejected by intuitionist logicians because it was regarded as a non obvious statement.

Let us quote another example : the principle of noncontradiction. This axiom states that a proposition and the negation of this proposition cannot be true at the same time. All we know in mathematics is based on this axiom. However, let us listen a reasoning made by many :

"God is not a man."

But the negation of this proposition is : "God is a man".

These two propositions cannot be true at the same time according to the principle of noncontradiction.

And yet, these two statements are true at the same time! Jesus is really God made man, and by uniqueness of God, he is God the Father as well. Think hard over this quotation from the Gospel of John 14-8:

"Philip said, "Lord, show us the Father and that will be enough for us." Jesus answered: "Don't you know me, Philip, even after I have been among you such a long time? Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father. How can you say, "Show us the Father?" Don't you believe that I am in the Father, and that the Father is in me?"

Because He can put different garments on, God can change himself into what He wants. The principle of noncontradiction does not hold anymore, at least in some situations, when we are reasoning on Christian mysticism. That is why many are lead into confusion and misjudgements. That is why it is difficult to explain with words.

5) Summary

You begin to perceive that the things of the spirit are much more subtle than one could have thought. Elijah was allowed to give a double share of his spirit to Elisha. Thereby, Elisha and Elijah are very bound together.

God who can anything, He too, has shared his Spirit... into three. Hence the Trinity! These three spirits are but one, even though they are living in three different garments or bodies. They each are assigned to special missions to redeem mankind. Christ has the most frontal mission. But when Christ is suffering, God and the Holy Spirit are suffering too since the three of them are bound together. Master Philippe de Lyon says :

(Page 99) : "Jesus has been suffering since the beginning of time and he will suffer until the end of time." (13/05/1902)

(Page 99) : "Jesus physically suffered in his body and in his heart as a man though his body wasn't from Earth.
He didn't come deliberately to suffer but to show us the path."

(Page 98) : "There is no possible parallel between Christ and the others (Orpheus, Krishna, Odin...), absolutely nothing in common."

(Page 98) : "Christ came down to Earth so that our prayers, through Him, reach God, for Heaven had been closed for 6000 years; No one opened It but He did." (23/04/1902)

A perfect man was required to break the curse we had got at the time of the original sin. Yet, as none could pretend to perfection, it was necessary for God to get a garment of flesh and to become man in order to break the curse and to show us the way out. In becoming a man, He identified Himself with us so that we should be able to imitate Him.

I cannot say anything about the Spirit except that the Spirit is a she and that God has created the feminine as well... In the Gospel, it is said that he who will blaspheme the Spirit will not be forgiven.

Let us end with what Master Philippe de Lyon confided to some friends of his:

(Answers Page 21): "The beings who will have known me and who will have done nothing with it shall commit suicide at a certain point.

(Answers Page 21): "I forbid you to say what I am."

Above all, do not pray to the Master, he said it to Sédir :

(Answers Page 28) : "No, do not speak to me when praying; directly ask Heaven; I will hear better."

(Life and Words Pages 41-42) : "I don't mind you bear me a grudge; you may not be fond of me at all; I love you for two. What I ask you is but to love your neighbour as much as yourself." (10/06/1894)

Once you are aware of who is actually the Master, everything will become clear...

[1] The books Life and Words and Answers from Master Philippe are available into English on our website. We have left the French original pagination here and inside our translations for a better search optimisation.

[2] Master Philippe de Lyon warns : (Life and Words Page 185) : "Don't deny the Light. Every now and then, messengers from Heaven have been sent to many points of the globe in charge of bringing the Light and, should you deny It, you shall be plunged into darkness thicker than that you're in. (29/11/1894)"

[3] A long time ago, Christ showed me how thick my own fog was while I was saying the chapelet. A cross of light came close to me, inside my head and I could see this fog hindering the reasoning. That fog is generated by those that made us fall at the time of the original sin. Hence the importance of the prayer associated with acts, firstly to locate it, secondly to disperse it. The accuracy of the reasoning depends on it.

[4] Observe that proceeding this way is not reserved for God the Father only. Genies, who do exist, may also come into the world without the help of a man as Master Philippe de Lyon claims :

(Answers Page 82-83) : "Our Lord Jesus Christ came into this world without a man's help. This way, God created it for the Genies, who also come into this world without a man's help."