IV - Photographic Negatives : A Major Notion ( .pdf )


Warning: The more knowledge you gain, the more responsible for your acts you become, the more you will have to later account for what you did or did not. Therefore, reading what follows is strictly forbidden unless you should have a keen desire to advance spiritually. Backtracking will not be possible.


Master Philippe de Lyon taught the notion of photographic negatives, clichés in French, to those attending his sessions. They wrote the words said by the Master. From their accounts, we can picture what was passed on.

Photographic negative is a major notion which explains many, many a thing. Even if this sounds like beyond your open-mindedness and looks like opposite to what you have been experiencing, it could be sensible to carefully consider the concept in order to sharpen your understanding of divine things.
Heaven allowed me to have access to some photographic negatives, of my lifetime in particular. It is wonderful to observe how photographic negative gives us impetus to act and closely accompanies us. From my tiny experience, photographic negative came from my back, from my right hand side and actually permeated the back of my head, the cerebellum a priori...

1) What is a photographic negative? What should be kept in mind:

Photographic negatives are pictures, more or less long films, which have existed since the Beginning. They fix to matter they are assigned to and make it move. Photographic negatives are clever and can circulate, travel, cross one another, pass though one another without seeing nor being in the way of one another. They are the driving force of anything we do. We cannot create nor imagine anything without the permission of God. Photographic negatives govern our acts and our imagination. None can escape from photographic negatives and everyone is under their actions either in accepting them or in refusing them. In them lies our free will which remains very limited. Everyone has to be under photographic negatives except free beings. All is written but all can be modified provided that it should be useful.

2) Excerpts from "Life and Words" to better understand

2-1) Photographic negatives : The driving force of our actions and our words.

(Page 131 [1]) : "Nothing may be born here... unless it already exists on the other side. We plant a tree; should it die, it's because the photographic negative of the tree was not there when we planted it."

We see we have the free will to plant a tree but should this not match what has been planed since the Beginning the tree may not live any longer.

(Page 131) : "All that is done, all that happens was created since the beginning. Every thing is represented by a picture; when it stops, the thing happens; then it goes on farther, and the same thing happens again for there are many Earths like ours. A man that could go as fast as light and would live billions of centuries could not count them, and should we could go as fast as light we would always see the same things happen. For example, a man is in a meadow; he has been working ten hours to mow it. These ten hours were inscribed since the beginning; once elapsed here; they go farther to an Earth like ours where there will be a man mowing a meadow during the same number of hours." (19/11/1894)
"These pictures can be called photographic negatives."

(Page 133) : "... But should you go for a drive and meet the photographic negative of a crash, your car will turn over. Should that photographic negative meet a train, it will be a derailment; two tramways, a collision. All depends upon the place we are... You could not even speak should the photographic negative of your words be not behind your head."

We see that photographic negative interacts with matter and with our earthly body to make it go in some sense or other. Photographic negatives have more or less strengh and happen to us with more or less intensity.


2-2) How a photographic negative is formed; What it may get access to.

Psychics may access some daily photographic negatives. Past and future might be foreseen thanks to photographic negatives. Therefore, there is no chance as we think when we still live in the illusion. There is just the illusion of chance and the illusion of freedom.

Master Philippe de Lyon confided to Sédir, one of his closed friends, what follows :

(Answers Page 33) : "Everything is illusion but the Gospel doesn't say it. Therefore I may not say so, although you have been understanding it superficially. I wouldn't have said so to anybody. Dreaming is an illusion, and yet it's real. A plane will come in which everything will be real, in which the whole reality will vanish, and we will fancy we have dreamt."

There is actually an illusion of chance, of freedom all around and for most of us, this is still inconceivable. Yet, I can testify; everything is ordered to the split second!
Admire what an infinite intelligence is, who controls every non free being, however numerous they might be, since the Beginning, to bring them from captivity to freedom and imperceptibly to perfection.

(Page 132) : "All around us exists in a photographic state. When an event is to occur, there comes from the whole vastness molecules to constitute a photographic negative. A few persons may have a gift to perceive photographic negatives. These ones will see more or less sharp photographic negatives before them, and depending on their sharpness they will conclude that such an event is to occur in such a time. Photographic negatives are alive; they can be summoned up and be perceptible to our intelligence." (24/02/1902)

(Page 134) : ... "This is how a good clairvoyant proceeds to tell you that a house is going to be built there or elsewhere. Because the photographic negative has been already there waiting until it sticks in an architect's mind that will be able to seize it. The architect will be proud of the idea he will think to be his unaware that he is but a tool." (24/02/1902)

We perceive the mechanism unknowingly used by true psychics. They have access, at least in part, to some photographic negatives. Yet, it is often very hard for them to be exact because of veils which do not permit to see things as they are since these veils are never or barely raised.

Again, we perceive that non free human beings, that is all of us for the moment, is but an instrument of photographic negatives. Architecture is just an example. Mozart, too, received the photographic negatives of his musical scores; Einstein, too, received the photographic negatives of his theory of relativity. At a given time, some photographic negatives are available more than others. That is why some discoveries are made at such time instead of another one!
When I worked at Institut de Recherche Mathématiques de Rennes, I had the opportunity to meet many researchers working on very different fields. As we spoke, many confided to me their surprise that colleagues a priori in various places around the world had discovered such and such theorem at almost the same time.
Now, that is obvious! The photographic negative of the theorem or the new field in mathematics to bring to the foreground is there and some are able to write it down so that it becomes available to everyone.
We are not the creators of the photographic negative but the intrument of it. Our credit lies, through our work, in having received this photographic negative so that it sticks in our cerebellum rather than in the cerebellum of another one.

Master Philippe de Lyon clarifies :

(Page 134) : "Man creates nothing; he finds or finds what was already found. An inventor is a person that finds an idea already found; another one may seek throughout his entire life and find nothing; but his work hasn't been lost neither for himself nor for humanity, and should someone come across the idea he has so long been seeking, it might be that he had previously got the idea or the invention of another unknown worker... " (24/04/1898)

We thus perceive how modest we must remain about what we find out since we create nothing, we just have the illusion to create. Our work is to make the photographic negative we have accepted concrete, to make it pass into matter!

(Page 135) : "The fibres in our brain, the crossed ones, play the role of a lens. In every cell too, there is a lens allowing the light of the photographic negative to be collected and fixed. Therein lies a secret that physiology doesn't know. As man works and gradually makes progress, his organs improve themselves and get fitted for more and more perfect photographic negatives. For example, a man with some molten glass in the hand will not make a perfect carafe looking like the model he has been shown; yet with enough work, his organs will grow to perceive the photographic negatives of the carafe and matter, always doing what it is told, will organise itself to become that carafe, perhaps an even more perfect one..."

The following explanation gives a better idea of what a photographic negative is : During a session, Master Philippe de Lyon made people experience the notion of photographic negative. They then became onlookers of a part of the battle of Waterloo. It looks like on screen, in a more disturbing fashion yet... as if they were in.

(Page 132) : "You have just experienced what the photographic negatives of the Battle of Waterloo were as if that memorable day had been passing with you in, before your very eyes... Are you recollecting the cries, the gnashing teeth of the unfortunate wounded soldiers? Have you not smelled the burned gunpowder and seen its smoke? ... heard the drum rolls, the gunshots, the shooting? ... The photographic negative of Waterloo is not dead; it was made at the beginning and will forever last, modifying itself, true, but it is alive and wasn't created only for us but also for other nations, other worlds and other Earths. Once the battle over, the photographic negative went on to another planet where another war broke out with the same gunshots..." (08/12/1902)

I experienced a similar thing, but concerning my own life, in praying before an icon of Christ. Heaven had rebuked me for something I had done. I did not see where my mistake was. I asked. Then the photographic negative, the piece of film, rose in front of my eyes. I saw myself as if I was filmed. I saw my mistake; it was unquestionable. I apologized and in the next few days I undid what I had done.

(Page 133) : "The photographic negatives come, act and go on their way in order to set similar actions in other planets. For example, a photographic negative can be called back and one can make an event of the past revive. All is photographic negative, and photographic negative is life itself. Photographic negatives are full-scale in every respect."


2-3) Power of photographic negatives.

(Page 134) : "Any being, whose brain meets pictures cannot escape on its own from the obligation to think and to act whereas those for whom these pictures are like hanging in the air are unable to act even to think." (24/02/1902)

I experienced twice a very sudden stop of my self. I cannot tell the first one for it is far beyond the human understanding for the moment. The second one is easier to understand. I was angry with a friend. The day had gone by and I did not have time to say my daily prayer. I decided then to go to my room to pray.

Master Philippe de Lyon had said we did not have to hold anything against anyone when praying, if not, that condemned us. I did not have in mind this remark; I only reminded it later. So, I was by my bedside table. I looked at the icon of Christ in the eyes, bowed and crossed myself. And on beginning my prayer, I was unable to say a word. I remained as if I was held back. I tried many times but nothing came out; no way to make a sound out of me. I reminded then the remark of the Master. (Once you know who Master Philippe de Lyon really is, everything will become clear).

I was fill with wonder... on several occasions, Christ had showed me he could act on my body at a distance. That disarmed me, in my head I told Him I forgave this friend. I could then get back the power of speech and say my prayer.

The mechanism He used is clear. Christ held back the photographic negative of my words and I was unable to speak. In forgiving, I had not any grievance; I could then pray without that condemning me.

I know it is hard to grasp. Step by step, in my turn, I try to pass on what I have learnt so that you should move forward in a more straight path. Yet, the more you know, the more Heaven will expect from you. The more you will have access to what is hidden, the more you will be responsible for your deeds...


2-4) Free Will : Photographic Negatives... To Learn!

(Page 285) : "God entrusted us with good and evil; it's our job to make good triumph..." (02/10/1905)

(Page 137) : "Man is free to accept or reject a photographic negative. But that freedom is relative and the final result can't be avoided. Should he refuse a photographic negative from evil, he will still endure the suffering as if he had accepted it. It isn't true freedom. Only he who can do all he wants without being answerable to anyone is free.\\ Yet, the reward for the work done by this very relative freedom is so great, God so generously gives for this bit of effort that, instead of revolting, we should be overwhelmed with gratitude."

You should know that our soul, for most of us, is still very young. The final reward, as we keep growing, is revealed again by Master Philippe de Lyon : Sit at the right hand of God made Man, that is Christ, at the head of a room, an apartement that is. Remember the Gospel; Christ taught us there are many rooms in his Father's house.

(Life and Words Page 264) : "Man is nothing by himself until he has gained his freedom." (13/01/1897)
"He can then command his body and give orders to the whole universe. He is at the right of Christ, at the head of a dwelling, and he can do what he wants; but only does he do the Father's wills."

Things should now be clear; to be in charge of such an apartement, anyone cannot be appointed to it... since he has to represent God, hence work and ordeals to bear so as to gain the necessary wisdom.

Perhaps, you begin to perceive that a photographic negative is powerful. Its strength depends on who has sent it. When Master Philippe de Lyon said, "Should he refuse a photographic negative from evil..." we realize that photographic negatives scheduled since the Beginning are sent by the two sides, darkness and the Light.

That is why Christ, God made Man, knew that Peter would not have the psychological power to fight against the photographic negative which was about to force the latter to deny Him three times. The same goes for Judas.

Here is what Christ said to his apostles after his resurrection. That was revealed by Maria Valtorta in a vision of her :

(Jesus appears to the ten apostles) : Who are you? My continuators. Yes, you are, notwithstanding your bewilderment. What are you to do? To convert the world to Christ. Convert it! It is the most delicate and difficult matter, My friends. Indignation, disgust, pride, excessive zeal, are all harmful to success. But, as anything and nobody would induce you to be kind, complying, charitable with those that are in darkness, it has been necessary - do you understand? - it has been necessary for you, once and for all, to crush your pride of Hebrews, of males, of apostles, to make room only for the true wisdom of your ministry : for meekness, patience, compassion, love without ostentation and disgust.

These photographic negatives were made, among others, to break their pride. Among the apostles, only Judas did not bow to the evidence as it can be read in the visions of Maria Valtorta. His blindness led him to suicide and much more. We will talk about it again in the discussion on resurrection and reincarnation.

Master Philippe de Lyon teaches us we should not bad-mouth anyone for we all are children of the Father, even if every one of us after denying Him, hence the original fall, has not come back to Him yet.

A long time ago, in the center of Lyon, I spoke to an acquaintance of mine about Judas and the Gospel of Judas. I do not remember my having been offensive, yet I must have say something inappropriate.
You should know that a grandmother of mine left me a large wooden crucifix about 23 cm long. That crucifix was upright, firmly placed, it could not move at all. What is more, there were icons and images around. On that day, windows were closed; nobody was in. Once back, down I found the crucifix, in a position it would have never had by falling on its own! Icons and paper images around it had not moved... We all are children of the Father, Judas included.
I let you think over what I have experienced...

Master Philippe de Lyon clearly said it to us again :

"Put yourself down if you don't want Heaven to put you down."
"Hadn't God loved us a lot, it would have been too late since one thousand eight hundred fifty six." (From Answers from Master Philippe Page 101.)

That number Master Philippe de Lyon left to us is certainly not insignificant...
The Father is bringing up his children and makes them grow straight. You have to deeply grasp that God is Unconditional Love; indeed; but Unconditional Love does not mean Unconditional Weakness! By dying on the Cross, God made Man did not show weakness but Unconditional Love...

Photographic negatives are therefore used to our training so that our soul grows up.

(Page 267) : "We still are at the embryonic stage, that is why we must not be so conceited." (17/05/1897)

Here, the Master meant the "age" of our soul and not the age of our body of flesh in this incarnation.

(Page 267) : "Selfishness is the root of all vices; pride is a branch of it. When pride grows, a time comes when the fellow becomes stupid." (18/02/1902).


2-5) Photographic negatives : Discerning between Good and Evil

(Page 135) : "... All that happens is photographic negative. It shows up and immediately all contribute to its realisation into the matter. A man aware of it could have it summon, send it back, bring it forward or delay it and by standing in its way, would thus lighten or put an end to misfortunes." (24/04/1898)

(Page 136) : "... But few arriving into this world will be permitted to be heard by photographic negatives. To be so, time and love for neighbour are required; in a nutshell: Heaven requires but to be trusted. Should someone be given to see and hear them, he has to pay, to pay more than he can."

For Heaven, the currency to pay is not dollar... but suffering. Heaven does not make us suffer for pleasure but to make us understand, through experiences in our flesh such and such a concept.
For example the concept of burning is difficult to explain to beings who have never been burnt; think about very young children for instance. Once they have been burnt everything becomes clear. Understanding by experiencing is much more profound than understanding by being explained.

(Vie et Enseignement de Jean Chapas [Life and Teachings of John Chapas] Page 88) : "You may give a piece of advice to younger fellows than you are; it's even a duty, even so you know he will not follow it. The child who is forbidden to touch the fire will touch it all the same and he will not touch it anymore only when he has burnt himself because he will learn by experience that the flame burns."

Likewise, the temptation to burn someone might be a great one. Should you do it, you will experience at some point the mirror situation and you will be burnt in the same conditions for the very photographic negative you have accepted to do it will be sent back to you. Step by step, we are learning and we are understanding, inch by inch, we are going towards true wisdom. Without true wisdom, it seems inconceivable to handle photographic negatives.

Perhaps, you begin to perceive that chance cannot exist and that everything is scheduled and inch-perfect. Nothing may occur if a photographic negative is not present. The cock of the Gospel could not crow before it had got the photographic negative to crow! That is why it crowed just after the third denial of Peter and not some minutes nor some hours afterwards.

Master Philippe de Lyon proceeds with good and evil :

(Page 137) : "When we have a mind to do wrong, it's a picture, a photographic negative instead, which halts behind our cerebellum. Should we fight against it and not commit bad acts, then off the photographic negative goes and meet another fellow. Yet, as we have struggled against it, it has lost strength and is already less strong on reaching him and should the fellow do the same and so on, evil is getting better; it is turned into good. See how much good we would do if we struggled against evil before us. (19/11/1894)"

(Page 342) : "How would evil make progress if it didn't go into anybody? Indeed, evil is not to be destroyed but turned into good." (30/07/1903)

This phrase is a major one and explains many, many a thing. The role of man is not to destroy evil but to turn evil into good and that is made by using photographic negatives. Every one of us is fighting or not with the photographic negative he has received. Every one of us refuses or accepts photographic negatives coming either from Light or darkness. That may be a wonderful thing but also a tragic one.

Let's take the case of diseases for example. This can go over a long time, sometimes on several generations :

(Page 289) : "A disease may last several lifetimes and not be over at man's death. Evil must be turned into good."

(Page 269) : "Diseases are not punishments. God doesn't punish. What we call chastisement or punishment is just a difficulty logically bound to our previous acts."

Indeed, by giving in photographic negatives we should have refused, we destroy inch by inch our invisible bodies and our visible body of flesh. Remind that photographic negatives are alive and thus can create damages! Therefore, it is our duty to turn evil we have done into good to reconstruct our bodies and to suffer less from diseases. But the origin of diseases might be much more complex :

(Page 290) : "It's a mistake to believe that diseases run in the family. What is running is the moral harm committed by a family member who is forced to return in order to pay his debt or expiate his fault...

(Page 290) : "Sometimes all the children from the same family suffer from the same disease. It's a way to pay debts. The Gospel indeed says that grandchildren will pay for grandparents' debts until the fifth generation and sometimes until the seventh." (16/04/1896)

This shows we are connected one another. Evil done by a member of the family may have repercussions on everyone. This is called Karma in other cultures. It is very hard to admit, I know. Let us go further. Heaven teaches us not to bad-mouth the neighbour. You now perceive that those that harmed you did not have the strength to refuse the photographic negative and they acted against you. To use the military terms Master Philippe de Lyon was fond of, we all are part of the same battalion to fight against the forces of evil. When a brother turns against you, it is because he was defeated by these forces. That is why Master Philippe de Lyon tells us we have to pray for those that have offended you... in order to free him as much as we can from the chains he have accepted. It is VERY hard to understand, yet we have to gradually realize we are on Earth, through our own fault, in a very vast battlefield between Evil and Good, under the photographic negatives from the two sides with free will as unique strength for most of us.

That is why you should not judge the other too for many, many a situation you experience are but mirror situations. We have had plenty past lives. Often, people tell me : "it's weird, I have the intimation of experiencing the same things, the same laborious situations..." for example at work or in the couple relationship, a strong sense of déjà vu. I know how intolerable this can be for you but it is odds-on that you are experiencing a mirror situation. For example, in every job you have had until now, you have met bosses who have harassed you, especially you more than the others. In this incarnation, you are the victim. Yet, in a past incarnation, it is odds-on that you have been a torturer. Heaven does not judge, it is you who are judging yourself by experiencing mirror situations. And as the Gospel says, in the same way you judge others, you will be judged!!! See the power of photographic negatives and how they allow us to become better. Only in experiencing things can we understand; reading in books is more than insufficient.

(Page 136) : "... Never does a photographic negative stop. It first comes behind a man's head near his cerebellum and the man, unquiet, tries to find; often, he can't find. The photographic negative leaves then and that of discouragement comes around. Should the man reject it, the initial photographic negative comes back and the man finds. Sometimes many existences are necessary for that to be so. Never have I seen a photographic negative stop except once; it had been remaining for three quarters of an hour near a man because the fellow in the photographic negative, a murderer, was to endure the words spoken by the man."

(Page 137) : "A photographic negative has come around you. You have thought it was wrong and you have rejected it. Yet, that was not wrong. It comes around a second time in a keener way. You resist still. Then, a third time again. Pay close attention because, should you reject it, it will no longer come back and by the time you wish for it, you will not have it anymore."

We perceive in the last phrase that the wish to have such and such a thing may or may not bring a photographic negative matching this wish. The photographic negative, should it be granted, will make us experience such and such a thing so that we should get such and such lesson of life.

(Page 138) : "All must endure photographic negatives except free beings. All is written and however all may be changed; yet, to get a change, that must be useful."


3) What Sédir said about Master Philippe de Lyon

What follows was related by Sédir, the mystic writter, and might be found on page 22-23 of our translation of the book Answers from Master Philippe compiled by Philippe Colin (Available on our website). You are about to get a sharper picture of who is actually the Master. Of course, you owe yourself not to disclose anything...

"In May 1903, during a conversation about European policy, I reported to him on what was said of him in Russia; that he was a medium, that he, the Tsar and the Tsarina would call upon ancestral spirits and so on."

"For one million, I would not want that these press-campaigns and these attacks did not take place. Besides, I don't need so many affairs for phenomena to appear. I can have Tsar Alexander come here right now and reproduce the poisoning of Count Mouraview for you. Not only can I have people's minds come back but also their body."

"And suddenly did the appearance of the room change. Everything went off and the Russian Home Secretary's office showed up. A servant brought the coffee set along and a man in uniform went in, poured something in the cups and came out. Then the Minister went in and sat down. He was drinking coffee while writing. Then he did the same gestures as a poisoned man. I could hear a few words spoken in Russian and could see the Minister trying to get up to call for help and falling down dead in his armchair."

"In 1902, I had first seen [Sédir went on] Saint Peter and Saint Paul the Apostles appearing on his command for a minute in the yard of the house in rue Tête d'Or."

Master Philippe de Lyon confided to some friends of his what follows:

(Answers Page 21): "The beings who will have known me and who will have done nothing with it shall commit suicide at a certain point.

(Answers Page 21): "I forbid you to say what I am."

Above all, do not pray to the Master, he said it to Sédir :

(Answers Page 28) : "No, do not speak to me when praying; directly ask Heaven; I will hear better."

(Life and Words Pages 41-42) : "I don't mind you bear me a grudge; you may not be fond of me at all; I love you for two. What I ask you is but to love your neighbour as much as yourself." (10/06/1894)

Once you are aware of who is actually the Master, everything will become clear...

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